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timing is everything did you make sure you number 1 cilinder was at top dead center when you removed the timing belt? if not you will end up damaging the valves and that quite a job to fix. E-mail me and i can walk you through everything to check to avoid damaging the valves if you have not done so already.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-16 19:27:14
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Q: If a 1995 Dodge Neon will not start after you changed the water pump what did you do wrong?
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my 96 dodge Dakota wont idle when engine is warm and i changed idle air controle valve what else could be wrong

What is wrong with a 1999 Dodge Intrepid that runs but does not start?

Your question is very confusing. If the car runs then it has to start. Please clarify.

What's wrong if my Dodge Avenger will not start and has no fire to plugs?

Maybe coil pack is bad

You had a water pump changed and some seals for an antifreeze leak in your rodeo and now am also leaking oil Why?

because you probaly changed it with the wrong water

What could be wrong if your 1996 Dodge Intrepid check engine light came on and it is stalling out when you accelerate if you have already changed the fuel filter?

Start by reading the stored code. Use a code scanner to read the computer codes and you'll get a prety good idea of what's wrong.

Why is there no heat at idle in a dodge van?

Lack of antifreeze or wrong mix of antifreeze and water.

What is wrong with your dodge ram truck that will not start?

could be a lot of things. I'd start with a battery tester, then starter, then go into the more expensive fixes.

My 2000 Ford Focus turn's off when i drive it and it also wont start sometimes.What is wrong with it?

Start by having the fuel filter changed.

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You put a water pump in your 95 Eagle Summit now it won't start what is wrong?

i put a water pump in my 95 eagle summit now it wont start. i need help figuring out what could be wrong?

What is wrong with a 95 dodge spirit if the check engine light does not come on during start up the bulb is good?

Wiring or computer

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What is wrong with your 2002 dodge diesel 3500 5.9l it wont start you changed the throttle position assembly it still does not start?

Dead batteries Failed starter Out of fuel Fuel filter plugged Lift pump inoperative Injection pump failure Crank sensor failure ECM failure Wiring issue to ecm or sensors.

Why would a vehicle not start after the spark plugs were changed?

If it turns over but seems to buck & choke you may have the wires on in the wrong order. Did you do them one at a time? Does it try to start?

What could have gone wrong with a 98 dodge neon standard if it was running heard a pop got out it was leaking antifreeze and now it turns but won't start?

Your water pump possible went out so you might want to check the water pump and also check the timing belt

Why does my car a 01 dodge intrepid have a grinding sound by the tire when I brake My brake pads are good and were recently changed?

Even though the brakes were recently changed, I would have the brakes taken apart and inspected. Something may have gone wrong.

Will 2011 Dodge Durango wheels fit 2003 Dodge Ram?

No, the offset is wrong.

Dodge caravan 2000 wont start drove to the store came out did not want to start what is wrong?

Dead battery, out of fuel, failed starter, failed computer, failed fuel pump, etc.

What is wrong with a 1989 Dodge 4X4 half ton that will start sometimes but not others and its not the fuel pump?

possibly the fuel pump relay, solenoid, or fuse

My 1998 dodge avenger was run through 5 inches of water. There is no water in the motor. What could be wrong with it?

Since you didn't say what the vehicle is or isn't doing, I can not answer.

What is wrong when my 1997 Dodge 1500 Ram truck will sometimes start and sometimes not what is wrong?

Next time it won't start spray a little starting fluid into the air cleaner then immediately try to start it. If you don't get a response you probably don't have any spark. If you get a response even briefly you have a fuel delivery problem.

Why wont your Renault kangoo start you just changed the timing belt?

If it started previouslt then something disconnected (sensor etc) or timing is wrong

Whats wrong 1991 dodge dynasty starts then dies?

what is a controller in 2.5 motor in a dodge

You replaced your iac valve all of your elect parts because your engine was surging and was hard to start changed your ox sensor changed your coil and the problem is still there what is wrong with it?

check fuel pressure regulator