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the ses light flashing indicates a "catalist damaging misfire". basically telling you to avoid further damage, Stop what you are doing. form the basic sounds of your problem I would first start be checking DTC's check the ignition system plugs, wires, cylinder ballance test, and check the fuel system, fuel pressure and flow, fuel filter, injector ballance test.

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ok before you do all that do yourself a favor you'll save a huge headache and alot of time and probably money too. its a quick 10-20 mins max way to rule out a common issue.

first let the car warm up a little (190 degrees or more)

next locate the plug for the mass airflow sensor and disconnect it (on the throttle body two bolts positioned from eachother, wide flat harness)

start the engine and go for a drive if you notice any sort of improvement replace or at least clean the mass airflow sensor.

basically what this does is bypasses the sensor and makes the computer adjust air,fuel,timing, etc. based on what the other sensors are reading. but just to warn you the car may still start to die when you come to a stop but shouldn't cut off if this does nothing to help the problem then investigate further

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Q: If a 1996 Camaro runs rough and cuts off at weird times and whenever you stop at a red light or try to idle and the service engine soon lights stays on and blinks at high revs what is wrong?
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