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If a 2.01 engine has how many cubic inches of displacement?


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I believe that is 122 cubic inches

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2.4L equals 145 cubic inches.

Displacement: 4.6 liters/281 cubic inches. Bore: 3.552 inches ...

In engine displacement, 4.6-liters equals 280-cubic inches.

how many cubic inches .the 318 is also known as the 5.2 which is the displacement in liters

The term "350" refers to how many cubic inches of displacement an engine produces, liters are just another way to look at the displacement so 350 cubic inches is 5.7 liters

A 6.0L engine is 366.1 cubic inches.

364 cubic inches in a 6.0L engine.

A 5.0L engine is 305.1 cubic inches.

A 1200 cc engine displaces about 73.2 cubic inches.

One liter equals 61.02 cubic inches. Rounding the the nearest cubic inch, 2.7 liters of displacement equals 165 cubic inches.

364 cubic inches. From the factory.

Cc is the abbreviation for cubic centimeters. It has to do with the displacement of the engine. American standard unit of measurement for engine displacement is cubic inches (Chevy 350ci). Today metric is the norm. Auto engines are measured in liters and small engines are measured in cc. Horsepower can vary from engine to engine of the same size.

The cubic centimeter displacement of an engine does not determine its horsepower.

2.2 litres is 134 cubic inches

It should be about 366 cubic inches

4.2 liters is 256.3 cubic inches.

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