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Response: Thank you very much for telling me this. He already has a passport turns out he just checked so we're fine with that and you can get married when you're younger if you have parental consent so we were just trying to pick a spot. Thank you =) There are some specific rules to be followed in order to get married in Scotland, see the related link for more info. The United States will recognize any marriage legally done in Another Country. Since the legal age in Scotland is 16, this would be considered a valid marriage. *Marriages outside of the US are recognised when they are legal. The age of consent only relates to the age at which a minor can engage in consensual sex, it does not supercede the age of majority, which in New Jersey is 18. A 17-year-old cannot obtain a passport or leave the US without parental consent.

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You are a Scottish woman marrying your American boyfriend in Scotland is this marriage recognized in the US?

Yes it is.

Witch Country is 11 miles away from ireland?


Where would I be if I visited cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh?

You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.

How do you tell your parents your dating a guy 9 years older than you when your 16 and is it legal in the UK?

It is illegal for you and your boyfriend to have sexual relations in England and Wales, but not in Scotland. You don't tell your parents. You break up with your boyfriend and find someone that is not in his 20s.

What is Scotland known as?

Scotland is known as.....Scotland.

Me and my boyfriend want to get married he is 20 i am 16 we have a baby can we get married without my parents consent?

You have a child at 16!!??? No, until you turn 18 you need your parents consent. In Scotland you can.

What are the land boundaries of Scotland?

Scotland west and Scotland east

What is the Gaelic for 'Scotland'?

Albain is Irish Gaelic for Scotland. Alba is Scottish Gaelic for Scotland.

What does bonny Scotland mean?

Bonny Scotland means Beautiful Scotland.

Where do Scotland celebrate Christmas?

Well Scotland is a country so in Scotland

How do you spell Scotland in German?

Scotland = Schottland

How do you say 'Scotland' in Spanish?

"Scotland" in Spanish is "Escocia".

Does Scotland have a nickname?

No but we were called Caledonia before we were called Scotland.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Scotland was only called Caledonia by the Romans. The Gaelic for Scotland is Alba and it is sometimes romantically referred to as Scotia. If Scotland has a nickname then it is Bonnie Scotland.

Why did Scotland become a part of Canada?

Scotland is not a part of Canada. Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. There is a province of Canada which is called Nova Scotia, which means New Scotland but while it may be named after Scotland it is not Scotland.

What time is it in Scotland?

The time in Scotland is exactly the same as in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Is Glasgow in Scotland?

Yes, Glasgow is in Scotland. Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland.

Who was governor of Scotland?

There has never been a 'Governer' of Scotland. Scotland is a country, not a State.

In which country is Glasgow Scotland?

Scotland is a country, so Glasgow's country is Scotland.

Is Wales bigger than Scotland?

no Scotland is larger in landmass

Where do the people of Scotland live?


What does Scotland look like?


Which continent is Scotland in?

Scotland is in Europe.

What did the thanes of Scotland do?

thaned Scotland

Does this include Scotland?

does what include scotland ?

Are there rattlesnakes in Scotland?

There are no rattlesnakes in Scotland.

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