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If a 20-year-old female elopes with her 17-year-old boyfriend to Scotland will the marriage license uphold his emancipation status when they return to the US?


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Response: Thank you very much for telling me this. He already has a passport turns out he just checked so we're fine with that and you can get married when you're younger if you have parental consent so we were just trying to pick a spot. Thank you =) There are some specific rules to be followed in order to get married in Scotland, see the related link for more info. The United States will recognize any marriage legally done in another country. Since the legal age in Scotland is 16, this would be considered a valid marriage. *Marriages outside of the US are recognised when they are legal. The age of consent only relates to the age at which a minor can engage in consensual sex, it does not supercede the age of majority, which in New Jersey is 18. A 17-year-old cannot obtain a passport or leave the US without parental consent.