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If a Canadian citizen files bankruptcy in the US must she disclose all foreign assets?

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Yes, all assets must be disclosed. Please note that nothing in this posting or in any other posting constitutes legal advice; this is simply my understanding of the facts and law, which I do not warrant, and I am not suggesting any course of action or inaction to any person. Speak to a lawyer for specific advice. If you have any questions, please refer to a lawyer in your jurisdiction. Thanks!

2007-05-12 15:17:21
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Can you join Canadian army from Jamaica?

No. And if you're not a Canadian citizen, the only way you can join - even from Canada - is to either first be naturalised as a Canadian citizen, or else possess a skill which the Canadian Forces need badly enough that they would allow a foreign national to enlist.

Will a Canadian citizen lose their Canadian citizenship if they marry a German national?

When applying for German citizenship, you should ask them for a permission to retain foreign nationality. If they do not approve that, and you still want to become a German citizen, then you should renounce your Canadian nationality.

As a Canadian citizen do you need a passport to go to the Bahamas?

Yes. You should travel with a passport to all foreign countries.

Can a Canadian citizen inherit US land?

Yes. The United States has no restriction against foreign persons owning land.

Should you join Canada's or the USA's military?

Unless you're a dual citizen you don't have a choice - you need to be a citizen of the country to serve in its military. The above is actually only true in regards to the Canadian Forces - they require you to be a Canadian citizen. You can join the US military as a foreign citizen, provided you've established permanent residence in the US, and have declared an intent to become a US citizen.

How can an Irish citizen join the Canadian army?

Typically, no. The Canadian Forces are limited to Canadian citizens, unless a foreign national residing in Canada possesses certain skill sets which the Canadian Forces are in need of badly enough to permit a foreigner into the ranks.

Can an Indian citizen join Canadian army?

You are required to be be a Canadian citizen in order to enlist, although there seems to be a provision which could possibly allow a foreign citizen to enlist, provided they're qualified with a skill which the Canadian Forces is in need of. Still, it seems like a longshot, although it never hurts to simply sit down and talk to a recruiter. See related link.

Can a US citizen be sued by a foreign citizen?


How long can a infant Canadian citizen can stay in Philippines but her parents are not permanent resident in canada her mother is just temporary foreign worker?

she can stay there as long as she want...

Does a Canadian citizen become a US citizen when they marry a US citizen?

Not automatically, no. Any foreign national CAN become a US citizen, but, request has to be made. In many cases, dual citizenship may be offered by the original nation, and may or may not be considered by the US INS. Please make careful inquiry of BOTH the original nation and the US INS to avoid any problems. _____________________________________________________________________ yes, even if you werent canadian.

Is a person born in a foreign country of a mother that is a US citizen and a father that is not a US citizen a US citizen?


What four types of cases do federal courts deal with?

Diversity of Citizenship: Parties from two or more states if the amount in question is above $75,000 Federal Question: Such as Bill of Rights Foreign: US citizen or Business is in dispute with a foreign entity. Bankruptcy

What powers concerning naturalization and bankruptcy does congress have?

A Bankruptcy Clause was included in the Constitution to end any ambiguity over jurisdiction between states in bankruptcy proceedings. The federal government combines state and federal statutes. Natural law is a federal statute only and no state has the right to declare a foreign individual as a citizen of the United States.

What if a US citizen gives birth in a foreign country is the child a US citizen or a citizen of that country?

If a US citizen gives birth in a foreign country, the child IS a US citizen. In many countries (depending on where you are), the child would have dual citizenship.

Is the child of an American citizen who is born in a foreign country an American citizen?

Yes they are.

If us citizen and foreign citizen divorce does foreign citizen lose citizenship?

That depends on whether the foreigner actually was actually a spouse, or just a holder of a spouse visa (green card).

Is a child born to a citizen of the US on foreign land a natural born citizen of the US?

Yes, they are a natural born citizen.

How can your daughter an American citizen born in Canada obtain dual citizenship?

If you are an foreign citizen residing in Canada, you are NOT an foreign diplomat, and your child is born in Canada, you can apply for his/her Canadian birth certificate. When you receive the birth certificate, the child is officially a Canadian citizen and you can apply for his/her Canadian passport even though you are not a Canadian yourself.In this case, the child has received US citizenship based on principles of jus sanguinis (law of blood) and Canadian citizenship based on jus soli (law of ground).***Please note that you should immediately register your child's birth at the nearest US embassy or consulate general and obtain a 'certificate of birth abroad' and then apply for a passport. All dual-national US citizens must enter and leave the United States using their American passport.

Can a US Citizen run for President if heshe is a registered Citizen of a foreign country?

Assuming that he/she is over 35...Only if the US citizen candidate was born in the US or to qualified US Citizen parents in a foreign country. Additional citizenships don't affect candidacy for President.

What has the author Michel Chartrand written?

Michel Chartrand has written: 'The real Cuba' -- subject(s): Canadian Foreign opinion, Foreign opinion, Canadian, History

Does a foreign national become a US citizen if they marry a US citizen?

After a petition is filed and accepted. Yes.

Can a non-citizen foreign national divorce her military husband?

Why would her nationality, citizenship, or his military status disqualify her for a divorce? It would be the same as for a foreign citizen married to a civilian, or an American citizen married to someone in the military.

Why are Canadians called aliens?

They are not- in Canada. Alien means belonging to a foreign country or nation. A Canadian in the US is an alien- they belong to Canada, a different country. A US Citizen in Canada is an alien- they belong to the US.

Can a us citizen marry a foreign national on a tourist visa?

A US citizen can marry a foreign national on a tourist visa. The only requirement is that neither of them should already be married.

Can a foreign citizen can bring a civil suit in a US court for a violation of a treaty of the US?

If the foreign citizen is in the US and violates a treaty of the US, he/she can be brought in a US court. Otherwise, if the citizen is in another country, the court of that country is responsible for that violation.