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There are so many variables to this question, but its an important one, don't want to be stranded in a snowstorm, stranded on the side of the road i suppose ;).


If your using your factory speakers system, you use way less power than a souped-up 16-inch subwoofer, 8.1 channel surround aftermarket system.


If your using your standard LW/MW/FM radio, you'll probably get a good 8-12 hours out of your battery.

If your using a DAB/HD-radio, it uses more power because it need to convert the digital signal into analog sound wave, which LW/MW/FM doesn't have to do. 6-8 hours is a good estimate here.

Satellite radios use way more power than terrestrial digital/analog radios, 4 hours to be expected, at best.

CD Players:

When playing a Commercial Music CD or a burned CD, you draw more current, needed to spin the motor that spins the CD 500x a minute. It would probably last 5-6 hours.

When playing an MP3 CD, you use mush less power, as MP3 CDs don't have to spin all the time, therefore they save energy. Battery probably would last 7 hours.

Cassette Players:

When playing an actual cassette tape in the cassette player, the tiny motors need to turn the spools of the tape for thee magnetic head to read. Power is also needed when you eject or insert a tape. The battery would probably last around. 4-5 hours.

When using a cassette tape adapter for an iPod, iPhone or MP3 player, as there are no spools to be moved, and the adapter is rarely ejected, you could have the battery last 8-12 hours, as there are no moving parts.

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Q: If a battery is several years old how long can you play the radio in accessories position without running the battery down?
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