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If a boy chases you and you play hard to get will he lose interest and what if you start to date?


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You have the right attitude, but it's a very delicate balance. Being too easy or letting a new love in your life get to know you too quickly isn't a good idea and it's better to keep them guessing. However, once you start to date, the only thing you should be concerned about is making is perfectly clear that you do enjoy going out with girlfriends, or perhaps travel, or just stay at home the odd weekend and you like a form of independence. We have become a society of paranoia (and for good reason in some cases) so when a man/woman wants a little head space the other party immediately thinks there is someone else in their mate's life. Humans need their own individual space and it's healthy. Communicate this to him, and never give up keeping a date with a girlfriend or a great trip for any man (same goes for men re women.) If your man gives you respect then give it back. If he doesn't tell him you don't like it and if he doesn't change kick him to the curb. Be independent, but a smart woman never shows that she is over-powering her man in any way. Don't forget some of their ideas are worth looking at and the two of them should meet halfway on any problems or decisions that should occur. Trying to be the almighty powerful woman .... you'll lose men like you're handling hot rocks! It's time to let him know what you expect out of your relationship so there are no misunderstandings, and he can let you know how he feels. Always be kind, understanding, be there through the rough times and the bad, but be sure he complies when it's your turn. Good luck Marcy

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