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He likes the girl he kisses unless it was an he didn't mean to kiss that girl. or he likes the girl he kisses and lies and says he like someone else

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Q: If a boy kisses a girl then tells another girl he loves her who does he like?
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Why did he hold you kisses you tells you he loves you then goes out with another girl?

He wanted to kiss you.

When a girl kisses you on the forehead?

She loves you!!

A guy tells you that he loves you but got another girl pregnant?

This is not a question.

What do you do if another girl tells your boyfriend that she loves him and he lets her talk to to him?

Depends whether you like her!

Boy you like kisses another girl?

If a boy you like kisses another girl, if you really like him be happy for him!

If your ex girl tells you she loves you and wants you back then kisses another man is that ok?

If she goes and kisses another guy you should keep her away from you. It isn't worth the trouble to forgive and forget if she constantly goes around with other guys. If she has a history of doing this then get as far away from her as possible because you wouldn't be able to trust her.

How does a girl get the guy who dumped her for another girl back?

if she loves him then she tells him her true feelings and tells him everything that she can see in her future yet if the guy had no feelings for her she will never get him back

What if a boy tells you he likes you but then says he loves another girl what do i do?

When did he say these things? and are you guys dating? My opinion is that if he loves another girl, forget him. It's not fair to have a boyfriend who's "cheating" on you, even if you know he is.

Can a girl get pregnant if another girl kisses on her lips?

The answer is no she cant.

How do you know if your guy friend has feelings for you but he never tells you n he kisses you n all that?

usually if a guy kisses a girl that means that they have feelings for that girl

If a girl love you and love another?

If a girl loves you and loves another girl then your basically dating a bisexual

What does it mean if a girl tells her friend that she loves you?

the girl likes u

How does a girl lose it to another girl?

If another girl tells a secret

How does a girl attract another girl?

mainly by getting drunk and then she kisses you and then they kiss

What if a guy hugs you and hugs a girl and kisses her?

If he kisses another girl, then he probably likes her, hugs are sometimes a sign of friend ship :)

When a guy kisses a girl's ear?

She generally loves it especially if he sucks on the ear lobe also.

What does a girl do if she tells a boy she loves him and he says 'Forget it'?

she'll cry!

If a girl says she loves you but doesn't feel comfortable with you how do you make her physically attracted to you if she tells you how she wants to marry you and have kids and knows names already?

go out with another girl, if she loves you she will become jealous and begin getting comfortable with you.

If another girl loves another boy what do you do?

If another girl loves another boy you can encourage them to speak. This well help them get to know each other better.

Does a man really love his wife if he tells another girl he loves her?

He can still love his wife and tell another lady. Men are strange... don´t you know?

How will you know if a girl loves you?

She will tell you.When a girl tells you they love you they mean it. (: ~lawliet x

What does it mean if a boy tells a girl he loves her?

It means that the boy wants the girl to be his boyfriend or marry him.

What does a guy mean when he tells a girl he more than likes her?

When a guy tells a girl that, he more than likes her, he means that he loves her and is ready for a relationship with that girl.

Why does he says he loves you but tells another girl he wants to date her?

because he is an idiot dats y boys r so dumb lol

If your boyfriend gets pissed and out of his head and kisses another girl is that cheating?

uhm, ya! if he kisses any girl ya that's cheating mad or not