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If a boy likes you but he has a girl friend?


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Then he should break up with his g/f!!!!!!!! Does he want to date you or just flirts with you he could just be a player!


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if your friend is a boy: say ok...who likes me if your friend is a girl: ask her if it's her

if i where you i would tell the girl that likes that boy that he has a girlfriend.that is what i would do.

If you`re a boy that means he likes to be your friend... If you`re a girl that means he maybe likes you...

Be a friend to her. Don't act jealous. Always be kind and caring. One day she might see what she is missing out on

There are various tests to put a boy through to find out if he likes you or not. I am a boy myself and would recomend becoming his friend and finding out what he likes in a girl. Or you could try talking to some of his friends and finding who he likes. But choose carefully what friend you ask because his friend might tell him.

Have your best friend ask his best friend if he likes you. Or you could just ask him yourself.

Then the best friend should tell the boy that this girl likes him and after he knows the girl likes him the girl should go over and ask him out if you like him that much or make a conversataion with him so he knows that the girl really does like him and that's when they start off a relationship.

If you like him ask his friend about him and what he likes in a girl

thats very obvious it means if your friend is a girl he likes you but your friend was or is his girl if your friend is a boy they both have a crush on you.

if he talks more to you then he likes your friend because guys are shy so they do not talk to the girl they like. So if the guy talks more to your friend then he likes you.

Give up that boy! You do NOT let boys ruin a relationship with ya girl!

it depends if the boy you like likes you back.

Someone to be by there side just be a great friend who likes them more than a friend

if your friend is a girl and your a boy you tell them that you know someone likes likes you and she asks who say "i cant tell you." and then the next day tell her you like her. if your a girl telling a boy that same thing. if your a girl taking to a girl tell them you are like a sister or brother to each other or something like that

He might likes the girl or wants to be her friend and get to know her more.

Then, maybe your friend doesn't like the boy that likes you, or is jealous.

talk to your friend about it honey, if she likes him back off

Ask the girl that she likes you or your friend

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