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I was texting a girl and she asked me if i would go out with a boy i said yes she told the boy then the boy said a girl likes me and i like them too do you think he likes me?


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2009-11-13 19:51:14
2009-11-13 19:51:14

It depends ask your friend if he said it seruously.if he did then maybe he does!

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Usually if a guy text you a lot he is interested in you. But if yoy are texting, i would suggest just asking him if he likes you.

that's really weird but i think he's just kinda confused, but would you like a guy who likes you but likes another girl??

I'd think it was sweet, if not a little annoying because he wouldn't have asked me out...

First, try to be comepletly sure, after that, ask her out, if she likes you, she would be thinking "finally! he asked me out!" ^_^ Good luck!

well whats the obvious answer? tell him the truth, and if he really likes you then he'll be able to take it...

He would say no if he was shy but if he has admitted it that he likes he would say yes

Think about if you were texting, what number the letter would be on.

A guy who is really out going would try impress you; talk to you, but, the ultimate sign would be if he asked you out. If he hasn't asked you out then there is no reason you can't ask him out to see just how much he likes you.

Either she still likes you, or you haven't asked about them

I think so. Idk. I was texting him I think and he like wasn't what you would expect so maybe.

Hello I'm a 17-year-old guy and I am shy and if a girl asked me that I would probably not reply seriously even when I like her big time.

No, i don't think Taylor Swift would come to my house if i asked her.

i would think that this is a sign that he/she likes you. as i have been through this i would know.

Maybe, or maybe he just wants to play around, just as a joke. Some people do that.

Well, some guys may think it is sweet but, some guys may think its creeperish...But, in my opinion if he doesn't notice that you like him, he isn't worth you.

If he gave you his number it means he wouldn't mind you calling. Whether he wants to date you or not, it would definitely be worth giving him a call or texting him and maybe asking whether he'd like to watch a movie some time or similar.

This is a question everyone might have a different answer to. Just think to yourself what thing you would want someone to know about you. Figure it out and think of an answer.

If you "think" that this guy likes you then don't ask him does he like you.That would be too straight forward.Try to have conversations with him and don't say anything that would give him the idea that you think that he likes you.Try to be really authentic.See how he behaves around you.And also,be yourself.

He likes you!!!!!! EDIT: He likes you . If you do that He would think your shy to talk to him, and he would think that's really cute

tell him how you feel. tell him that you would rather like to actually talk to him instead of just reading a message. i know i would.

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