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You will lose your House and everything in it.
The bank has the right due to the fact you signed your name.

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Q: If a business loan has your house as collateral what happens if you stop paying payments to the bank?
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What happens if collateral used for loan is sold before the loan is repaid?

You are still responsible for paying the loan as before.

Can a soon-to-be-16-year-old get a car loan if he does not have a job?

No! You would have to have your parents cosign for you. Having a fairly good paying job, owning a boat, condo, house, property is classified as "collateral" and the loan is put against that. The reason for this is if you choose not to make your car payments or can't make your car payments then the bank will take whatever collateral you have put against the loan. The bank is in the business of lending, but also getting their money back! Marcy

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If you pay 13000 of a 15000 loan is that taken into consideration when you stop paying?

All payments are considered when you stop paying on a loan. However, when you default on the contract, it is the contract on which you are paying. The collateral only secures the loan, and if there is collateral, it may be secured (repossessed) to be sold to be applied to the balance. If you only owe $2000 on a $15,000 loan, the collateral could be worth a substantial amount. The lender may choose to sell the property for only the owed amount and fees. If so, you are out the remaining value of the property. If the lender wishes, they may choose to sell it for its fair market value, and anything in addition to what is owed should be returned to you.

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i dont know the answer dir

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