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You may find that your oil pump is not working properly. You may also find that the engine will overheat as well if this is the case.

This happened with my 92 Chevy van. Shop put it on computer, said oil pressure sensor malfunctioning (false high pressure signal) and o2 sensor failed and ended up changing those. Worked for a couple of days. Trans seemed to be heavy after abt 20 minutes. It felt hot over the trans but engine never showed overheating. Got tired of it and brought it to trans shop and they put it on computer- said trans was fine and motor was slowing down because of excessive backpressure (first shop never mentioned this). Guy at trans shop suggested I have the exhaust system checked so I did so- found out the catalytic converter was clogged so had it replaced- that was 3500 miles ago, no problem since!

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Q: If a car runs normally for about 15-20 minutes then oil light comes on and car starts to lose power what is wrong with it?
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