If a cheating man lies to his wife about his affair says she was just a friend is there hope for the marriage?

Just a friend? How naive does he think you are. Where is the respect the trust? It's gone correct? If there is any hope for this marriage, you BOTH need to seek out a GOOD marriage Councillor, Now. You need to start helping yourself repair any damage this has done inside of you, to salvage your own dignity and any self esteem you have left. With some good hard work ahead of you both, time may heal, with the help of a good councillor. Both of you have to want it!


Just friend is the scenario of married man when they get caught, and this include to the man that I married. If you ask your husband if he is cheating on you and he quickly answer you with the words " were just friends" you can be sure that they are more than friends. Is there hopes to rebuild your marriage, maybe but you are the only one that can answer this one. Every woman who got betrayed by their husband has different reason and problem. If you still trust your husband and willing to forgive him then do the right thing. But you also need to be careful.