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If a driver in the household is not listed on the insurance on a vehicle can they drive that vehicle if they are given permission by the insured?

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2015-07-16 19:26:49
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For New York, I think the answer is yes, *legally*, but a "driver in the household not listed on the insurance" is wrong contractually with your insurance company.

I am trying to research this on the Internet and here are my discoveries so far for New York State :

(1) Drivers in your household who have their own vehicle

(2) Drivers in your household without a vehicle, i.e. child/older parent.

(3) Driver not in your household who uses your vehicle regularly, i.e. personal assistant, someone who drives you to errands, child who borrows your car.

[ Kids away at college 10 months are in your household I think ]

You must tell your insurance about (2) or (3) , even if they will never drive your vehicle. Apparently, even if they are not family. You must tell them about a (1) if they will be using your vehicles.

Any driver you permit to drive your vehicle is (by law ??) insured, but if a loss or ticket occurs with a (2) or (3) you may (probably will) get dropped by the insurance company and spend a lot more $ getting back on with someone else.

Watch out for catches like what I'm trying to research - I have my 2 vehicles for my wife and I, My 25 yr old son has his vehicle off the road (unregistered, but insured) for 3 months, does my 21 year old daughter with her own vehicle need to put him on her insurance too ?

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You can drive an insured vehicle if you're not on the policy because when the police pull you over they are looking to see if you have insurance on the car. But to answer the question...NO, it's not legal to drive the insured vehicle if your not on the policy. As always, check with your insurance agent, but anyone driving the auto with the policy owner's permission should be covered. However, ALL licensed drivers residing in the household are supposed to be listed on the policy.

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It depends how old are you and whether or not you are an insured driver under the terms of the terms of your Dad's insurance policy. Your Dad's insurance agent can tell you if you are insured to drive the vehicle.

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Automobile Insurance follows the vehicle. As long as there is permission to drive by the owner (insured) the coverages that are on the vehicle will apply. I agree with the first answer.

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Depends on the state laws. Typically driver insurance coverage is extended to any driver of the vehicle insured. Insurance covers the vehicle and any legally licensed driver with permission to operate the vehicle.

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not stays with the other words, unless you or ''other drivers'' are excluded from a vehicle policy, whomever drives that vehicle WITH PERMISSION is an ''insured driver'' of that vehicle.

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