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If a father and son want to get into the repo business in Dallas TX what should they do?


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2011-09-12 21:04:53
2011-09-12 21:04:53

if you will email me with some idea of your experience, abilities, investment available, equipment to work with, Ill try to give you a few possibilities. One thing is certain, Dallas is crowded with repo companies so you better be ready to hustle. No, I don't sell anything.


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Any business is hard work to open so a repo business would be hard to open as well.

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do I need to be bonded in nystate for repo cars

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What are the requirements to become a repossesion business in Florida?

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Two years work experience under a licensed repo agency within the state of California is required before starting repo business. An exam is to be taken to be a "Qualified Manager" which is required to ?æbe stationed in all branches. A CA business license is required before operation.

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Yoy will need a business license, insurance, a tow truck, a SECURE storage lot, customers- and a knowledge of repo laws in your state. Can of pepper spray is optional.

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