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it all depends on how old the children are is there any specif reason why they dont? if you have a lawyer contact him and if not contact dept. of children services

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Q: If a father has ordered supervised visitation per DYFS but the kids do not want to see him can they go before judge in New Jersey?
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How do you get supervised visitation when the father has been out of the picture for six months?

You have to go to court. if he never have had visitation before he has to apply for it in court.

What steps can I take to make my local Police Department close an inactive investigation on me. It's been over 3 years and until the investigation is closed I have to have supervised visitation.?

Who ordered the 'supervision?' The use of the phrase, "supervised visitation" makes it sound like it has been ordered by the court. To have been ordered by the court you must have appeared before the court on SOME charge, or other. It would be extremely unusual for a criminal case to still be "under investigation" for three years. If you cannot find out the reason for the alleged continual investgation yourself, I suggest you retain an attorney to look into the matter for you.

What rights does a non custodial parent have for visitation before going to child support court in Kentucky?

Support and visitation are separate matters. You can be ordered to pay without having any rights. see links below

what are grandparents rights for visitation?

1. If there was a pending action involving the child, the court may have allowed the grandparents standing to pursue visitation, and in the course of evaluating the particular facts, ordered such visitation. 2. In limited circumstances, courts granted standing and visitation to grandparents even when there was no other matter before the court. 3. Some courts granted standing to grandparents to seek visitation with their grandchildren and then conducted a best interest analysis. 4. Lastly, some courts denied grandparents standing to request visitation outright and never addressed whether or not the visitation was in the child's best interests.

Can visitation be taken from a prisoner?

Yes, but usually not arbitrarily if there is a visitation order in effect before the person is incarcerated.

Can visitation be established before child support?


What does a 'petition to modify' mean in child support court?

petition to modify means you are asking the court to change a previous order, this way you can increase or lower child support, increase or lower visitation and contact, change the hours of visitation, move from state to state, or change anything previousy ordered by the court. If you need something that the court never ordered, something new, you file an original petition: to establish child support, to establish parental rights, to establish visitation and contact, to in essence, give you something you didnt have before.

Can a abused mother refuse the fathers rights to his child?

If not married she can unless he goes to court and get his parental rights and get court ordered visitation etc. She can stop it if she has proof. Before he goes to court he has no rights. If married they have equal rights to the child so she would have to petition the court for terminating his rights ir deny him visitation etc in case of divorce.

How old should you be before you start dating?

If they are being supervised, fourteen. If not, seventeen.

If your husband is severely mentally ill and was physically abusive is it wrong to keep the divorce date a secret so you can make sure his visits with your child are supervised?

No. * It's never wrong to protect a child regardless of the circumstances. There could be repercussions in the future concerning custodial and/or visitation issues. If the father is indeed unstable the court should be made aware of the situation before the custody hearing. This does not mean allegations it means evidence. Police reports or a motion to present the father's medical history although it is likely that would only be allowed only if it was directly related to documented acts of domestic violence. Consideration should also be given to request the court for supervised visitation when custodial/visitation issues are addressed.

Can a father take the mother to court before child is born to get visitation rights?


How can the custodial parent refuse to let the child see the noncustodial parent when child support is being paid?

Child support and visitation rights are two entirely different issues. The terms of visitation should have been determined before divorce proceedings and finalized when the divorce decree was awarded. The court generally prefers the parents reach an amicable agreement for reasonable visitation by the non-custodial parent. If specified days/times have been ordered by the court the custodial parent must allow visitation or risk being in contempt of a court order.

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