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How often can he come back to visit? Does he have an apartment in town? What is the best interests of the children? What does he propose? Is the x-wife agreeable? Have they been to concilation court?

More details at GRANTING CUSTODY

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Generally, in regards to a voluntary move, the parties need to come to some sort of an agreement about visitations. There are so many factors that must be considered: the age of the children, the distance that must be travelled, whether the parent who is moving can travel back for visits, etc. The party that moves should not expect the parent with physical custody to incur expenses relating to the visitations. If the parties cannot agree on a plan they will need legal advice.

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Q: If a father with partial custody wants to move out of state what kind of visitation rights can the he expect to have with the children?
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What should you expect if your wife is filing for divorce in Florida and you have two children?

You should expect your wife to have her own lawyer.

Can you file for visitation if you are delinquent in child support?

Yes. Children are not for sale or barter. You have a right to visitation even if you don't pay child support - one has nothing to do with the other. Of course if you go to court and petition for visitation, you will get it, but they will also notice that you are deliquent and, as a separate matter, expect you to pay it. You can face jail time if you are too far behind.

In the state of VA if a father has primary physical custody of his child since she was 4 months old can the mother come in and take the primary physical custody away from him?

Not if you have it by court order, but this is a major failing in fathers when the mother runs off. They don't get a custody or child support order.They fully expect mom to come back, than even when they do move on, they still don't get an order. This is particularly bad for single fathers, because without a court order, they legally have no assume rights to the children (see link). For marred men, the mother comes back, ask for visitation, which he gives freely. She gets possession of the children, than files for custody. He's left with an expensive custody challenge, especially if she claims she left because he was abusive.

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Yes, unless there are other arrangements mentioned in the visitation order. The non-custodial parent shouldn't expect the custodial parent to do the transporting. Taking your own parental responsibilities seriously is character building.

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In this economy where there are six men for each job, what do you expect him to get. As for the children, denying him access is several times more costly to the children and the trouble they could bring upon society as teens and adults. Non-payment of child support doesn't create murders. Fatherless children do. see link below.

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Can you get full custody of your 3 children if they have lived with you for 2 years without seeing their mother and now she wants custody and she lives in NC and you live in OH or how would joint work?

When your ex stopped seeing the children is when you should have gotten full custody of the children. It depends on the judge. Some judges believe it's important to have both mother and father involved with their children. Here are a couple of things you could do: 1. Go to a lawyer and file for full custody 2. If you wife is a good woman, then consider joint custody. She could have the children on certain holidays, on their summer vacations from school. Since you have had the children for 2 years it will be difficult for the children to adjust as far as traveling to see their mother. If they are old enough to understand ask them how they feel about it. Too often parents are so embittered in their own relationships they forget that kids have feeling too. Good luck Marcy Obviously the mother is not a good mother if she hasn't seen the children. I have full custody of my 2 children and live in Ohio also. so I can tell you a little bit about the Ohio court system. My lawyer told me that usually if you are the first to fill for full custody....95% of the time you will get it. ....especially since she left 2 years ago.....that makes it very hard for her even if she has filed already.( My ex has not seen her children for over two years also ....I have had them for 7 yrs. and in that time she has seen them less than a total of a week.). The courts will move in your favor....but you need to act fast before she does....Also pursue child support....but don't expect them to do too ex owes me over $10,000 in back support....she has been to court twice before about it...both times she just gets a slap on the wrist....I have given them her address and phone number and....yet it is as if they won't do anything because she is a move quickly.....

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If a father is not paying child support does he still have rights?

In general, visitation and child support are separate matters. However, if you aren't paying support, you might reasonably expect some resistance from the custodial parent about visitation! But of the two, denying a child a father is far more damaging and costly to the child and society in general. see link below

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Can you move even if no custody agreement has been signed?

I am assuming you want to know whether you can move and take a child without there being a custody agreement in place. This depends upon whether there is a court already taking care of the family issues. If so, the court may restrict your ability to move the child, but you are usually free to move. Of course, this means the child may end up with the other parent. If there is no court involvement, no paternity orders, no divorce decree, no custody agreement of any court - then yes, the parent with possession of the children (usually the mother) is usually free to move anywhere. But, if you do, and the other parent objects, expect that to come back to bite you in court when they sue for access to the children.