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How often can he come back to visit? Does he have an apartment in town? What is the best interests of the children? What does he propose? Is the x-wife agreeable? Have they been to concilation court?

More details at GRANTING CUSTODY

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Generally, in regards to a voluntary move, the parties need to come to some sort of an agreement about visitations. There are so many factors that must be considered: the age of the children, the distance that must be travelled, whether the parent who is moving can travel back for visits, etc. The party that moves should not expect the parent with physical custody to incur expenses relating to the visitations. If the parties cannot agree on a plan they will need legal advice.

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Q: If a father with partial custody wants to move out of state what kind of visitation rights can the he expect to have with the children?
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Not if you have it by court order, but this is a major failing in fathers when the mother runs off. They don't get a custody or child support order.They fully expect mom to come back, than even when they do move on, they still don't get an order. This is particularly bad for single fathers, because without a court order, they legally have no assume rights to the children (see link). For marred men, the mother comes back, ask for visitation, which he gives freely. She gets possession of the children, than files for custody. He's left with an expensive custody challenge, especially if she claims she left because he was abusive.

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