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If a female illegal immigrant becomes pregnant by a US male citizen and has the baby on US soil can she become a citizen?


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September 12, 2011 9:05PM

no, the baby will automatically become a citizen but the mom would not, she would have to be married to the father and he would have to go through all the proper steps and legal paperwork for the mom to become a permanent resident first and then 5 years later you can apply for citizenship if you are accepted to be a permanent resident first. after first filing with the immigration service, it takes at least 2 years for an interview which takes place at the Mexican counselate which is in Mexico. and by the way you need to go back to Mexico while your husband would file your paperwork. and when it comes time for the interview,good luck on being accepted as a permanent resident because they will have proof that you were in the US illegallly because of the baby and so they usually will make you then file a pardon for being in the US illegallly and that takes another 6 months until they hopefully pardon you