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Some companies require you to pay fees that are cost to them to take the legal matter.

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Q: If a garnishment is paid can the company take more than what is owed?
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Under what circumstances can long term disability payments be garnished for alimony?

If you owe back alimony or regularly fail to pay on time, they can get a court order and take the money owed with a garnishment. A garnishment can be up to 50% of your total income until amount owed is paid.

Can a finance company repossess a car if more than half has been paid?

They can repossess with any amount owed if unpaid.

Can the State of California garnish your wages twice?

Yes if the total owed was not recovered from the first garnishment, and they can keep hitting the account or paycheck until the debt is paid.

is it legal for a garnishment collector to have been paid the amount owed in full, which was already twice the original amount due to interest to deny my settlment offer for which is only more interest left on the owed account?

You should refer to the judgement against you to determine what the Judge determined regarding interest. In terms of your garnishment, this is the only document that matters. If you feel you have been garnished too much you should contact an attorney.

How lon can your wages be garnished in MD?

Until the amount owed is paid back. There is no limit to the time frame. The total amount has to be resolved prior to the garnishment going away.

Can the debt collection company pursue you for the owed amount now in 2008 if you owed a bill for 70.00 from 1999?

Yes, you can be pursued for a debt from 1999. Once you owe a debt, it is always owed until it is written off by the company or paid by you.

How can I sell a vehicle before I have paid off the finance company?

buy selling it for more than you owe on it .or pay the finance company the difference if sold for lees than the balance owed.

What does the phrase 'garnishment of wages' mean in the English language?

Wage garnishment means the deduction of money from the salary of an employee. Wage garnishment will continue until the debt is paid or arrangements are paid to pay off the debt.

Is income from a garnishment taxable?

Income from a garnishment is just as taxable as the same income would be if the person had paid the bill in the first place without the need for garnishment.

How do you get garnished wages back from employer after you file bankruptcy?

It's not going to happen. You owed money and that creditor went to court to get your employer to deduct what you owed them from your paycheck and send it to them. Your employer does not owe you a dime. They followed a court order. They had no choice. You went bankrupt AFTER the garnishment, so anything paid BEFORE the bankruptcy is water under the bridge. You cannot "get money back" on something that was paid before the bankruptcy. Since you went bankrupt, the garnishment should stop but you will not get any money "back".

What is difference between bill receivable and bill payable?

bill receivable is what is owed to a company; bill payable is what is paid

How can you find out what you paid off in a previous garnishment from an old employer?

Ask whoever took out the garnishment order for a statement.

What is creditor account with debit balances?

A creditor is an entity that a company owes money to, such as debt to a bank or bondholders. If a creditor has a debit balance, it means that your company paid more than they owed. If there was a credit balance, you would owe money on that account.

How do you report a boss who garnishes wages?

The reason for the wage garnishment must be known before it can be determined if the employer has/is making a erroneous deduction from an employee's wages. Wage garnishment is an action that requires a court judgment and all employers must follow the requirements that are outlined in the wage garnishment order. Wages can be garnished for almost any outstanding debt once a judgment has been obtained by the creditor (person owed money). Wage garnishment is often used to collect child support, alimony, tax arrearages. In some instances an employer could have the right to deduct money from an employee's pay when a debt is owed to the company for wages that have been paid in advance, charges not covered under expense account agreement, unearned commission advance, etc.

How can wage garnishment for a student loan be stopped?

AnswerGenerally once the judgment has been executed as a garnishment it will run until the debt is paid. In many states a creditor must return to court every 60 or 90 days to renew the garnishment order.The necessity for renewal does not apply to wage garnishment for federally funded student loans.I know of one company that can get a garnishment lifted and restructure a defaulted student loan with a low manageable payment, the company is

Can a credit card company garnish a pay check?

Yes. Any person or organization that you owe a debt to and have not paid that debt can get a court ordered garnishment for any income that you have.

How long can wages be garnished in Massachusetts?

Basically, until the debt is paid. In some U.S. states the garnishment order must be renewed after a specific time, in most an writ of garnishment will continue in the debt is paid in full.

Can you be garnished for a debt already taken out of your paycheckSame company bill paid and now They have filed same thing in another county?

If the debt has already been paid in full, then re-garnishment is illegal. If you have proof that the bill is paid, contact an attorney and sue them for harassment and theft.

When a business is owed money by a company that files for bankruptcy the business will?

It SHOULD file a claim with the court to be paid...and it will wait in line and be paid in accord with how the BK progresses...maybe all, maybe some small portion of what it is owed...depending on the situaton of the co that went BK and what what the debt is for and how it was secured, if at all.

What is another word for still to be paid?


How is the money divided when you have more than one garnishment?

Creditor garnishments must run consecutively they cannot be concurrent. That being the case, the first creditor that executes the garnishment order is paid until the debt is settled. Then the second garnishment (if any will begin). Please note, child support and sometimes spousal maintenance is NOT considered a "true garnishment of wages". Likewise garnishment for federal and/or state taxes are not applicable as such. For example, a child support garnishment can be active at the same time as a creditor judgment garnishment. The percentage of garnishment amounts is determined by the laws of the state in which the garnishee resides.

Where can you find a cash settlement?

A cash settlement can be obtained through an insurance company if you have a claim in which money is owed to you. A cash settlement is usually paid in one lump sum, as opposed to a structured settlement of paid installments.

What states can garnish wages without a court order?

Unless you are referring to tax obligations or child support payments owed to the state, or overpayments of salaries or benefits paid by the state, they can't. Only courts (with the noted exceptions) can issue garnishment notices or liens.

How do debt collection agencies obtain work?

There are several ways that debt collection agencies obtain work. One way is when a subsidiary of the company that is owed the debt tries to collect the debt themselves. There are also third party agencies who are hired by a company to collect what is owed and the agencies are paid a fee for this service.

If you have paid a payment and the finance company accepted it but still sent the repo man for your car can you get your last payment back?

NO, you owed it, you sent it in and its gone now. sorri