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Ask your recruiter. He will be familiar with the applicable laws and Army regulations.

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Can I switch to marines if I enlisted in the army but haven't signed any contracts yet?

If you haven't signed a contract you can because you are not legally bound to certain branch until you sign enlistment papers. Just make sure it is absolutely what you want to do.

In Georgia can you return a used car after the papers are signed?

of course not, if you signed the papers then you can't return it.

What does signed at state on insurance papers mean?

On insurance papers, signed at state simply means the person who is purchasing the insurance signed the legal document. These usually need to be signed in front of a notary.

Can you get emancipated at age seventeen?

Yes you can get emancipated at seventeen but there is always paperwork that needs to be signed by both you and your parents/guardian. There has to be a reason for your emancipation.

When you are emancipated can you move in with a boyfriends family?

Yes i beileve that it is ok that you can move in with your boyfiends because when i was 18 i was told to go to the court house and sign papers to be emancipated and i did.... i live with my boyfriends family and have been here for about 3 years since i have signed them papers... when you emancipate yourself you are no longer under there rules you are on your own.... moving in with there parents could say taht you do not have a place to go so when they take you under there wing they gave you a place to stay........

Who signed the Federalist Papers?

The Federalist Papers were all signed with the pen name "Publius," but were written anonymously by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay.

If the divorce papers are signed do you have to go to court?


Can you get your down payment back on a car even if ive have not signed any papers?

A person should be able to get a down payment back on a car if papers have not yet been signed. Only after the papers have been singed is the purchase official.

What happens if divorce papers were never signed?

then your still married

Where was the surrender papers of the Civil war signed?

appomattox, Va

Where did the surrender papers of the civil war signed?

Appomattox Courthouse

What is the date of the Post Cold War?

Papers were signed in 1991.

How long did world war2last?

For the US, December 1941 until August/Sept 1945. Japan signed her surrender papers in September. Germany signed their surrender papers in May 1945.

Who puts the state seal on all official papers signed by the governor?

It would normally be the state's Secretary of State that puts the state seal on all official papers signed by the governor.

What type of traing do you do in the military?

Enlisted go to basic training, and officers go to officer's basix. Enlisted go to their advanced inividual training based on what was agreed upon and signed on the contract with the recruiter.

Where was the surrender papers signed of the civil war?

1836 in appomattox Virginia

What did Kennedy do that made a positive difference?

he signed papers for civil rights

Where were the formal papers signed that ended World War 2?


For a divorce when does the 60 day waiting period begin when the papers are filed or when they are signed by both parties?

signed by both parties

If you signed papers for a marriage license but don't officially get married are you considered married?

yes, it's not the ceremony that counts, it's the papers

Why did they write the federalist papers?

The purpose of the Federalist Papers was to advocate for the ratification of the US Constitution. The Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787.

When papers ending World War 2 were signed what battleship were they on?

USS Missouri.

What is a witness signature?

A witness signiture can be signed by anyone who saw you sign the papers

Can you change your mind about a car sale?

Yes, but only if you have not signed any papers.

Are there any rights for a woman who had to sign adoption papers at a young age?

The rights for a woman who signed adoption papers when she was very young vary by state, but if everything was done legally there is usually no going back. A family law attorney in the state where the papers were signed can let you know if it was done legally or not.