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If "problems" means would the home be in jeopardy if a creditor sues and wins a judgment, it is possible. How the property is titled and state homestead laws determine what action a judgment creditor can take against a debtor's home not the mortgage agreement. For example, a home that is held jointly by a married couple as Tenancy By The Entirety is not subject to creditor action when only one spouse is the debtor.

2006-09-12 23:16:12
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Q: If a husband and wife are buying a home but only his name is on the mortgage will there be any problems if he is sued?
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If i buy a home in my name while separated can a lien be put against it if my husband's home is forclosed on?

It sounds like you are not on the mortgage with your husband on your previous home. If he is foreclosed on, and you are only on the deed, then you have no financial liability. If you are buying a new home and you are on the mortgage with your husband, you won't be able to get a mortgage because you are on the verge of foreclosing Be careful when buying a home while separated however. Depending on what state you live your husband may be entitled to half the equity in your new home in the event of a divorce. Its called community property Here is a list of community property states:

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If the deed of the house is in your husbands and your name and you are paying the original owners mortgage what are your legal rights to the home?

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You purchased a home from a relative he did not notify the county that the mortgage was satisfied he has since died and has no heirs except your husband who is his nephew?

was the mortgage paid with checks or cash? look at bank statements, receipts, contact mortgage company for verification on such status.

Is it any easier to obtain a mortgage for a 2nd home if you already own a home and it is paid off even if you and your husband are both retired?

as long as your fixed income can support the payments for the second property you will not have a problem getting a mortgage.

Can your husband cosign on someone's home without your knowledge?

Yes. And if he does he will become equally responsible for paying the mortgage if the primary mortgagor defaults on their mortgage payments. The bank will go after him for 100% of the debt.