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No, that's not the kind of thing that a married man should ever do. It would be a deal breaker as far as I'm concerned.

Depends on the situation. If he cannot leave his wife for very genuine reasons and you are sure he loves you and is not just using you for free casual sex, and he can spend a lot of time with yes. If he is having his cake and eating it and just saying what you want to hear no. And ask yourself where you will be with this in five years or ten years time.


I'm in the same situation. It is hard for ANYONE to leave. Not because they love the person they are married to but because they don't want to huirt anyone. If it is true love (any only the two of you know if it is) then you will know that he is being honest and yes stay and give hime time. I did and now we live together.

If it is not then let him go and move on. But keep your pride and keep his family out of it.

2010-03-11 23:41:20
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