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Other states might be different, but in MN it will continue to add up, just because he is in jail doesn't mean the kid doesn't need to eat. No. In all US states court ordered child support will continue to be in affect while the person is incarcerated and the obligated parent will be held liable for arrearages. ---- In California, child support obligations will continue to accrue while you're down. You just simply need to petition the court for a change in child support because of a drastic change in your circumstances. When you get out, she'll have to file one to get it increased. You can file the paperwork yourself. If money's an issue, ask for a fee waiver form.

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Can child support freeze your bank account?

Yes they can.

How do you freeze bank accounts for back child support in Texas?

The State child support agency does this.

What can happen if do not pay child support?

They can take it out of your salary and eventually put you in prison if you continue to refuse to pay. State child support enforcement agencies have sweeping powers that can be used to collect child support arrears. They can take your tax refund, freeze your bank account and record a lien against your real property.

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No, what usaully takes place is that the credit card company freeze your credit card account and you continue to make payments

Can child support freeze assets before paternity is proved?

Child support can freeze assets but does not usually do this before paternity is proven. If your assets have been frozen, engage a lawyer who will make sure your funds are released until paternity is proven.

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How can child support freeze your bank acct when on disability?

They can freeze it if your unpaid balance exceeds the amount specified in the regulations. But, you should file for a modification.see links below

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Can a creditor freeze bank accounts in nc?

Depending on the account they may be able to freeze bank accounts , they are not allowed to take any payments such as child support or disability though.

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Does Florida child support enforcement have the authority to freeze a fathers New York bank account with out the state of New Yorks approval?

Yes, they can. Interstate child support collections laws allow states to work together to collect child support. They can issue a wage garnishment, freeze 401k, freeze bank accounts and pretty much any asset you have in the United States. I know this based on experience. BTW the state of New York will approve. States don't contest proven debt. Its like when the IRS wants their money they will get it, so will the child support collections agency and they have the same resources.

Can child support take money out your girlfriends debit card?

No, unless the debit card is connected to a joint account with you. In that case the state can freeze the account to pay child support arrears.

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How can you get your drivers license back now that your paying child support?

It will require an approved motion to the courts to release the freeze of the license.

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My husband opened the account and add me to it Can Arizona child support freeze the account for my back child support If Im not working.The money is from his job only?

Yes, unless you can prove that it's not your money.

Can child support inforcement freeze corporate accounts. I am the president of a small corporation and I have an EIN. I was recently in the hospital and fell behind on my child support?

No, but they can be attached. See links below

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