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If the child is over 18, the parents no longer have a legal responsibility, unless there is a court order, to provide support.

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Can life estate home be rented if the parent is in a nursing home and will never return to the home?

Yes. However, the income from the rent may disqualify the owner from Medicaid qualification.

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F. (A+)

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they can't find out if you rented or not, but they can find out if you told them you have not rented because you own. They can just check the public records tax rolls and see if you really owned or not.

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Can a parent get custody back after losing it because of drug or child abuse?

That fully depends on the circumstances of the case. There are too many variables to even guess. Personally, I've seen it happen, even when the parent gave the child to the drug dealer as a deposit. The child's father, who didn't live with them, tracked the child down. The mother went through drug treatment and convinced a Dallas, TX judge that she was capable of taking care of her child. The father sold his three bedroom house and rented an apartment right across the hall from her.

Are adult children responsible for bills with an estate?

When you die leaving your estate to your children they are liable to pay the tax or mortgage etc and if the property is then rented to another by your children they are still liable for the taxes on that property and not the tennant as they pay the rent to the children for the privelidge of having full use of the property but the property remains under the ownership of your children and it is the owner that is liable for the payment of taxes mortgage etc

How did the plotters get the gunpowder?

they took it down into the cellar that they rented because Parliament rented it out so they could make more money