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If you are getting cable internet, you get the channels that are in the same bandwith as the internet.

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Q: If a person is paying for internet service are you already set up to get tv channels without contacting the provider?
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How do you get on the Internet?

Get a Internet Provider. chances are you already are unless they make an app for this, but they make an app for everything so.

What are ways to approach an Internet Provider for getting an Internet connection?

Ways to approach an Internet Provider for getting an internet connection are simple. One way is to call their phone number and ask them what plans they offer, another way would be, if you already have internet access, is to go to their website and sign up using their web form.

How do i get to the Internet from my computer?

first you computer has to have the capability to connect and use the internet e.g browser, local area network port, driver for Ethernet or any other device you will use to connect to your internet service provider (ISP) Then you will need an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that will act as a path to connect you and the internet. You have already done it!

Get HD Channels?

After you purchase a new Akai LED TV, make sure that you call your service provider and ask for the HD channels instead of the standard ones. These will cost more than the channels that you have now. However, you will be wasting the technology if you do not get the HD channels. If you have already paid to have a good TV, you should take full advantage of what it can do for you.

How do you figure out who your Internet service provider is?

You should really already know who they are as you pay them, you could check your bank statement or it would be a lot easier if you go to This site shows your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Hope this could help.

How do you hook a ps2 to the internet?

If you already have a cable or DSL internet service provider (ISP) and a modem you will need to purchase a router and an ethernet cable. The cable runs from the router to the PS2 and provides access to the internet once connected

Does it cost money to use a do not call service?

In general such services are free but you can always make sure by contacting the provider. In this case since your neighbour already got it, you could ask if there is some type of fee or not and if not get the same service.

how do i get wifi i got cox internet already?

how can i get wifi i already have cox internet service

How do you log on to the Internet?

You are already on the Internet. What are you referring to?

If You marry a man that is already married how do you dissolve it?

You should consider contacting the police.

If you wish to have an internet connect with Google would they in turn become your internet service provider or would you still have to sign up with a local provider to be able to access your g mail?

Connecting to Google G mail can only be accomplished online. In order to get online you must have an internet service provider (ISP) Google does not provide ISP services therefor you would need to contact an ISP company in your area. Since you were able to post on this site you may already have internet access or else you were at a library or public access point. Thanks for asking provider of SEO services to hlep you get ranked at the top of search engines like Google.

What does a wirless adaptwe for the ps3 do?

The WiFi for the PS3 (that is part of the system and not an adapter) will seek out a WiFi signal when you attempt to set up the internet connection. It can then be set to automatically make an internet connection to either your Internet Service Provider or a strong signal that is not password protected What it does not do is provide you with internet if it is not already available. It also will not turn your internet into wireless or WiFi, you need a wireless router for that

Does your computer save your history even if you already deleted it?

Well no, but your Internet Service Provider can still pull a log up and see what websites you've been visiting. Even if you deleted your browser history.

What are websites that offer new email addresses for free?

There are several providers offering free email addresses. You may already have one with your Internet or phone provider, just give them a call and it's simple as that.

Do you have to pay for the internet for the iPod touch?

not if you don't have already have Internet at your house

I have a HP laptop with VISTA and wireless connectivity. How much will it cost me to hook up to wifi in Upper Marlboro ?

Well, since it actually depends if you already have an ISP or Internet Service Provider, and if you don't the cost for internet could be about $40 a month depending on the provider you decide to go with and then with that you can just purchase a wireless router which could range from $20-$100 or even more depending on the brand you decide to get.

When are we going to get HD Local Channels. I am getting tired of Watching football games that are not up to par very hazy! ?

It depends on who your cable providor is. Time warner already has multiple channels in HD, even the local channels.

How do you get onto the internet?

You are already there if you asked this.

How do you get the go out feature on Nintendogs plus cats?

I have French Bulldog and the function is already there from the beginning.Try contacting Nintendo.

Finding the Best Internet Service Provider?

If you are interested in getting Internet for yourself and for your home, it is important that you find the best deal possible so that you are able to save some money. It really is no surprise that millions of people spend too much on their monthly Internet service. Unfortunately, these same people may not even realize that there are ways to cut their bills in half in order to start saving more money for themselves and their families. By using some of these money-saving methods, you will be sure to have fantastic Internet service without worrying that you are simply paying too much for everything. Before you get just any Internet provider for the home, you will first need to do some research to find a qualified company that is willing to charge low fees for their services. You should use the Internet to shop and compare for a good company to use. Also, do not hesitate to call the company directly to get some information on whether or not they give special deals and discounts to new customers. Likewise, if you already have an Internet provider, you can lower your bills by contacting them and asking about loyalty programs that you can belong to. Loyalty programs are often put into place for a company's long-time customers that have been with them for years. By ensuring that you are making use of some of these methods, your monthly Internet bill is sure to be low and easy for you to afford. There is absolutely no reason that you should continue to pay top dollar for the provider that you have or are looking to use for your Internet services. By researching different companies that are available in your local area, you will be able to determine how much you are going to be spending when the Internet is installed. Being able to use the computer in your home easily and effectively is a great way to mingle with friends and to even get your work done. This is why it is important to have a good Internet service provider.

Why can't people afford PS3 online?

Because they do not already have an internet source. The cost to connect a PS3 to the internet is only in the hardware that you might need to Purchase (router, ethernet cables, etc) if you do not have a WiFi connection, once a person already has the internet. The PlayStation Network does not charge for internet service, but you must already have the internet.

Is sky player free for sky customers?

yes if your already a sky customer or no if your not a customer, on sky player you can only watch the channels you already have.

How do I get wifi for my IPHONE, I already have internet service at home but it's not wireless?

“How do I get wifi for my IPHONE, I already have internet service at home but it's not wireless”

How do you get wired internet with a ps3?

Find a Broadband or DSL internet provider or if you already have one and are already using it connect a router to your modem. Then simple connect an ethernet cable from your modem to your router and one from your router to your PS3. The cable that was going from the modem to your computer now goes from your router to your computer. If you are not using the internet service before then just connect th ethernet cable from your new modem to the PS3. Then if you do get a computer just buy the router and the ethernet cables then.

What do you need to go on internet on ps3?

First you need an internet service from a DSL or broadband internet provider like Comcast and AT&T. Then you will most likely need a router either wired or wireless WiFi. I already had an internet service for my computer so I only had to purchase a router. Then you either connect your PS3 to the Router with an ethernet cable or with a WiFi connection. See the related PS link