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You would either have to work for a company that can sponsor you and show that you are a valuable asset to them to apply for permanant residency after receiving a O1 or O2 work visa or marry a citizen. Good Luck!

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Q: If a person snuck into the country several years ago what steps do they need to take to become a citizen if they have no intentions of ever going back to their home country?
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How do you become a citizen in us?

if your not from this country then you have to take a test, so you can become a citizen

How do you become a good citizen of our country?

You can become a good citizen of your country by starting it at home. Your home/family is your first training ground to be one of the good citizen.

How can someone become a citizen in a country?

It varies from country to country. To become a citizen of the USA, you'd need to apply for naturalization and citizenship through parents.

Can a person become president although he or she was not born in that country but has lived there for several years?

as long as your a citizen of that contry there is no reason why tey could not become president

What is the difference between a native and a naturalized citizen?

Native citizen is one who is a citizen of his country by birthright.If parents are citizens of a country, by birth or naturalization, automatically kids become the citizens of that country through birth right.But naturalized citizen is one who goes through the naturalization process of another country he has chosen to settle in to become a citizen and its not his home country or the country where he was born and of which he/she is already a citizen by birth.

Who is a person born in another country but has become a US citizen?

naturalized citizen

What age do you need to be to become a citizen?

This probably depends on the regulations of the country where you are.

How do you a US citizen become a citizen of France?

You must live in France for several year while applying to be a French citizen.

Does an illegal alien from the Philippines become a legal resident or citizen by marrying a US citizen?

No. The only way to become a citizen is to be born in the country or do the regular process of becoming a citizen.

If a us citizen married a Mexican citizen in Mexico can they get citizenship?

No. Neither will automatically become citizen of the other country.

Am french citizen and your husband Palestinian how he can get french passport?

Become a French citizen. Passports are issued by the country you're a citizen of.

How long do you have to be in the country to become US citizen?

3 years

What happens when you show your love to your country?

You become a good citizen.

How do you marry an illegal alien in Alabama?

When you marry an illegal alien in Alabama, you give up your US citizenship and become a citizen of your new spouse's country.Correction:It is not possible for a citizen of the United States to give up his citizenship. Even if you formally renounce your U.S. citizenship and become a citizen of another country, the United States will not recognize your renunciation and you will still be required to pay U.S. income tax. Also, in no case does anyone automatically become a citizen of another country by marrying a citizen of that country - - it is typically a long process taking several years and requiring much more than simply a marriage certificate.

Lets say your from a different country and the nba draft or nba selects you will you become a US citizen?

If you are from a different country and you happen to be selected for the NBA draft, you will not automatically become a US citizen.

Who is a citizen?

A person who is born in a country or has earned the right to become a member of the country by law.

Who is citizen?

A person who is born in a country or has earned the right to become a member of the country by law.

If I marry my British boyfriend will he become an American citizen and will I become a British Citizen?

If you marry your British boyfriend, he does not automatically become an American citizen, and you do not automatically become a British citizen. You both have the right to live in each other's country, but you must file paperwork to do so. Citizenship is not automatic.

Which term is defined as a person born in a country or who has earned the right to become a member of the country?


Can a non citizen person become a pilot in the military?

No, not in any country.

What is one promise you become a US citizen?

You cannot promise to become a U.S Citizen. You have to be born in the U.S to be an actual citizen. If you were born in another country, you are not a citizen. Besides that, if you were living in America for at least 13 years, you must pass a test in order to become one.

If you entered the country illegally over 20 years ago how can you become a legal citizen without marrying?

In order to become a citizen you would need to take a citizen test. You would need to obtain some sort of work permit to stay in the country.

Can Sri lanka citizen become Filipino citizen?

Only way is if you get a visa in Philipenes and Sri Lanka is your nationality so you're therefore a citizen for that country. If you have kids in the Phillipenes, They would become a Filipino citizen, just saying.

Can you be automatically a citizen in Canada if a Canadian citizen marry you?

It is not possible to become a Canadian Citizen just by marrying a Canadian citizen. Citizenship cannot be acquired by marriage in any country.

Do other countries like England allow a person to become a permanent citizen if they marry someone who is a citizen of that country?