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If a phone needs a 7v 900ma charger can you use a 9v 400ma if the voltage and polarity are the same?

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2015-07-15 19:43:04
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The volts MUST match exactly, the polarity MUST match exactly, and the milliamps MUST be the same or more. The unit will use what it needs, even if to much is being offered. On the other hand, too few milliamps will BURN THE UNIT OUT!

So on top of loosing your equipment, you could loose your life also ... since it is a major fire hazard!

Clearly the voltage is not the same. The phone needs 7V, the charger is at 9V. Mismatching voltage will not work.

Using a power supply with a maximum current rated below what is required will result in 1) the supply voltage dropping, and 2) the device generating additional heat. Such low power requirements do not present a serious hazard, fire or otherwise. However, the higher voltage will likely seriously damage the phone. Had the supply you chose been rated at 7V 400mA, the phone would likely still charge, albeit much more slowly.

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The charger with the 900ma output will charge the battery faster than the charger with a 500ma output. The phone with the 900mah battery will last longer between charges than that of the 500mah battery.

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The power rating is on the bottom of the 3ds, the power rating is 4.6V 4.1W, the power suply input is 4.6V 900mA. the DSI charger will work on a 3DS.

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Yes. A standard USB Plug can provide <at usb2.0> 500mA of power. Some devices if poorly made or malfunctioning could draw too much of that power over a chain of devices and cause the port to shut down. It will not, in most cases, damage the power. The port will detect an overage in power demand and shut itself down. Usb 3.0 allows for at most 900mA of power.

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Zinc-carbon AA =400-900 mah Alkaline AA = 1700-3000 mah :: I believe the above answer to be misleading/misguiding, the question is "How much mA does a single AA battery have?" not how many mAh. in mA a single AA batter will have about 3.6mA to 4.0mA it is important to distinguish mA from mAh, if one were to connect a device that required 4.0mA to a power source of 400-900mA this would likely destroy the device. mAh deals more with how long the battery life lasts.

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