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Probably, but it may be dirty and unable to "see" the daylight and turn off. Here is more input and advice: * If your daylight/nightlight sensor has a setting level you can increase or decrease the sensors level which will cause it to go off in a more appropriate manner you need to adjust these sensors and try them out you see what works for you. If you don't have this feature then I suggest that you buy the type which does you'll find it much more accommodating. * Insects or Spiders can get into the sensor and cause this problem. Undo the connection and spray insect spray along the wiring conduit. * Advice from an electrician: First off never spray any electrical device with something like insect spray , it will cause failure. Electricians know what sprays are suitable for cleaning casings and electrical contacts and they never use anything else. Neither should you. It is simply too dangerous! The most common causes are bad connections or bad devices. So simply check connections: if connections are good and tight, it's a bad photo cell.

PS: Make sure power is off.

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Q: If a security light over your garage fails to turn off during the daytime does this mean the photo cell built in the unit needs to be replaced?
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