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When a venomous snake bites you he/she has control over the venom injected into your body (unless he/she is a baby) so it is highly unlikely that 1. he/she would bite himself, 2. if he/she managed to be that dumb that he/she would not be able to control the outcome.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-16 20:21:23
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Q: If a snake bit his lip would he poison himself?
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How did cleoparta die?

a poison snake bit her at age 39

Are garden snake poison?

no if you get bit you won't die but it will be painfull

Is there a cure for poison?

It depends. If it is poison by a snake or a bite you or someone else can suck the poison out of that area through where the animal bit.

How did snakes become poisonous?

Well for starters there is no such thing as a "poisonous" snake. They are venomous. Poison is ingested (so you would have to eat it ), venom is injected (as in a snake bit you).

What would happen if a snake bit itself?

If it is a non-venomous snake, probably nothing would happen. If it was a venomous snake and it bit itself, it could quite possible die. There are documented cases of venomous snakes accidentally 'committing suicide' when they bit themselves.

Where does Gram get bit in Walk Two Moons?

gram gets bit in the river by a snake when a boy comes along and tells them its private property then grams is taken to the hospital to get the poison out

If you got bit by a snake and you weren't cured how long would you live?

i would say it has to do with the snake and how long it bit you for but if it was a very dangerous snake then perhaps about 4 seconds the less hazzardous snakes it will be longer but you will be begging for it to end so it really depends on the snake and remember some snake bites are uncureable

How can you write the word poison in a sentence?

To put poisen in a sentence, you could just say, "When the snake bit me, the poisen flowed through my body.

What to do if a snake tries to bite?

if a snake tries to bite you, you should stand still over there itself. do not show any movement of your body at that time. if it has bit you, then start eating some food which is bitter in taste. it will absorb the poison of the snake that has entered into your body.

What happened to Cleopatra?

She commited suicide by getting bit by a snake, bcus her love killed himself so she did as well

Is a garter snake poison?

Nah I got bit by one. My own Little four year old sister almost got bit. I got her out of the way I took the bite. A tooth was left in my skin. I am a hero. :)

What type of snake is red with black spots and a white stomach?

Bit of a vague description - but my first thought would be a Corn snake.

How did the snake bite Cleopatra?

The snake bit her on the arm.

what would somebody do if they got bit bye a snake what you do?

go to hospetule blood presher a shot surgery stay in go home

Snake that bit Cleopatra?

No snake bit Cleopatra. There is a myth that an asp was used in her suicide, but that is only a myth.

What shouldn't you do during a snake bite?

when bit bye a snake, i would not reccomend either going parrachuting or swimming in a tank of sharks and phirana's.

Can you say he was bit by a snake or is it soley he was bitten by a snake?

He was bitten by a snake is grammatically correct.

Were is the fuse box on 2004 Chevy Colorado?

Under the hood by the battery, if it was a snake it would have bit you

Is Jake the snake Roberts snake dead?

no he still does a bit of wrestling

Do ants eat poison?

They seem to like Taro ant poison quite a bit.

What would happen if a venomous snake bit a rat's tail?

The rat would die because the venom would enter the blood stream.

What do you cat bit by snake without vet?

What kind of snake is the real question.

How many times can a person get bit by a snake?

Kind of depends on the kind of snake.

How do ants inject poison?

1st they pinch a tiny bit of your skin off then they inject the poison.

Will a snake bite kill a tiger?

It depends on the kind of snake. A nonvenomous snake bit won't. But a bite from a cobra might.