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Without a police report there isn't much you can do about it. Without any official documentation, it's your word against his.

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Q: If a truck driver sideswipes your car while going down the road and you don't call the law but you have his information what can you do about it?
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You can earn 35k to 40k your first year as a professional driver with truck driver training from MTC Truck Driver School. We've provided truck driver training to over 18,000 professional drivers making a great living now. Over a Decade of Delivering High Paying Truck Driver Jobs MTC has been helping people get high paying truck driver jobs in the trucking industry since 1993. We are celebrating our 17th anniversary in business this year. We are more committed than ever to provide the trucking industry with the best trained student drivers in the business

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A bonded truck driver is a driver that has no criminal record and is covered by company bond.