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If a truck that has a green Yield For Left Turn suddenly turns in front of you and you hit the truck who is at fault?


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2015-07-16 18:15:05
2015-07-16 18:15:05

it is the truck that terned in frount of you criminal justice student


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You are.Added: The charge would probably be either 'Following Too Close' or 'Failure to Give Full Time and Attention.'

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B is at fault. Drivers making a turn, must yield to oncoming traffic. B is at fault for making a left turn without yielding. There is no general rule that all turning traffic must yield, although some jurisdictions may have such a specialized rule.

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It is generally the fault of the other person if you are hit in a front fender while making a turn on a green arrow. If you have the signal to make a turn, the other person generally does not have the green light as well.

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