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The driver that hit the parked vehicle would be At Fault.

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Q: If a vehicle parked along a curb on private property is hit by another driver who is at fault?
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Can an unlicensed driver operate a vehicle on private property with the owners consent?

Unlicensed drivers cannot operate a vehicle on private property. The insurance for the vehicle will not allow unlicensed drivers. Most states require every vehicle in operation to be insured.

What do you do when an Uninsured driver hits an insured driver on private property?

The insured drivers uninsured motorist coverage should take care of it. Doesn't matter if property is private or not.

Can minors drive cars on private property?

Yes, as long as the driver has a driver's license. If the driver has a learner's permit, their must be a licensed driver over the age of (18, 21, or 25 depending on your state laws) in the front passenger seat.

Will tagging suspend your driver's license?

If by "tagging" you are referring to Graffiti, no. There is no connection between vandalism committed to private/public property and the motor vehicle enforcement codes.

What is a person who drives passengers called?

That rather depends on the vehicle. He or she could be a chauffer (private vehicle), taxi-driver, bus-driver, train-driver.

If a co owns a veh and is self insured and then hires a driver for that vehicle from another co and the driver has an accident on the vehicle owners property which co would be responsible for damage?

A company owns a truck that is used to move semi-trailers and this company is self insured has leased a driver from another company and the driver has an accident on the truck owners property that involves only the truck who would be responsible for the damages. The company who owns the truck and their insurance or the company who leased the driver ?

Is it the driver's fault if he hits a fire hydrant on a private property?

If a driver hits a fire hydrant on private property, then he or she is to blame. The hydrant is a stationary object that the driver should have been able to easily avoid. It is likely that, even with insurance, the driver will have to pay for any damages.

Who is wrong when crashing into a car exiting private property?

The driver of the car unless the other car was parked on the lawn. It's against the law to park a vehicle in your front yard.

Who is at fault if someone enters your private driveway and hits your vehicle while you are backing out?

It is the persons fault for entering your private driveway.Another View: If the collision occurred on private property, the insurance companies of both cars will be involved. As a general rule, the driver of the backing vehicle bears the responsbibility for making sure that he can safely proceed in reverse.

Do you need a cdl lience to drive a tractor trailer on private property in pa?

Pretty much, yes. While the law won't come onto the private property to hound you for driving it on that property without a CDL, the vehicle's insurer won't act on any claim filed due to an accident involving an unlicenced driver.

Who is fault is it when your back in to a car on private property when the car was double parked behind you?

As a general rule, a parked or stopped vehicle is almost never at fault for an accident. The onus is on the driver of the moving vehicle to make sure the way is clear.

Who is responsible for Vehicle damaged by dead tree on apartment complex property?

The driver