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Just a guess, but are you sure the oil filter you're using has an anti-drainback valve? If so, are you sure it's working (that is, try a different filter)?

2015-07-16 19:18:34
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I did the oil change to your truck but i forgot to change the filter Can you change only the filter without draining the oil?

Yes , you can change the filter only and either prefill the oil filter OR top up the engine oil , but if you have already started the engine the " dirty " oil has mixed with the new oil

How do you change the transmission fluid in 1991 kawasaki voyager?

On the voyager XII, the engine oil and the transmission oil are all the same. Draining the engine oil takes care of it all. On the voyager XII, the engine oil and the transmission oil are all the same. Draining the engine oil takes care of it all.

Where is the oil pan located on a 2005 ford escape?

On the bottom of the engine block. It has a drain plug in it for draining the oil.On the bottom of the engine block. It has a drain plug in it for draining the oil.

How much engine oil does a 1986 Honda nighthawk 450 take?

Just draining to change the oil = 2.6 quarts

How much oil is needed to refill after draining all of the Oil in a 14.5 hp engine?

Depends on the brand of engine and the exact model. Also depends if you change the filter. Read your owners manual.

How do you change the oil pan gasket on 1995 Chrysler 3.5 engine?

A person can change the oil pan gasket on a 1995 Chrysler 3.5 engine by first draining the oil. The pan is then unbolted, the original gasket removed, and a new one put in place.

When do you need to unplug your car battery?

When replacing battery, when servicing some part of the engine, or when the vehicle is not going to be started for over one month.(keeps the radio memory from draining battery)

What is the oil capacity of a 2007 Honda CRF250R?

I believe the capacities are as follows (measured in liters). Remember, always check the oil level once you're done. Engine Oil -At draining = .66 -At filter change = .69 -At disassembly = .85 Transmission -At draining = .72 -At disassembly = .77

If a 3800 engine has milky oil what could be the problem?

i hate to let you know this but you have water in the oil pan which means that you may have a blown head gasket. the antifreeze is draining into the engine by draining into the cylinder or cylinders and dripping into the engine case. do not run the engine with this condition as it will seriously damage the engine. you may also have a crack in the water jacket inside the engine block which would allow antifreeze to drain into the engine case.

How RPM does a formula one engine?

A Formula One engine reaches 18,000 RPMs.

Where is the engine drain plug in a 1993 Toyota Camry?

That really all depends on what you are draining, the oil drain plug is located directly under the engine.

How do you change oil in a Grand Cherokee?

Remove drain plug from oil pan (lowest point of engine), while that's draining remove oil filter. Replace oil filter then replace drain plug after oil has completed draining. After everything is securely tightened add oil through the fill cap on the valve cover.

How do you change the water pump on a 2000 S430 Mercedes?

The water pump on a 2000 Mercedes S430 is changed by removing the engine accessories, belts, and draining the coolant. The pump can then be unbolted and a new pump put in place.

How do you change the transmission oil to dodge ram van?

You change the transmission oil by removing the transmission oil pan (this can be quite messy). Replace the filter at the same time. Most Dodge vans have a drain plug for draining the torque converter. This only drains the converter. It is accessed by removing the inspection plate located on the bottom half of the bell housing. This is located just behind the engine oil pan and faces the front of the vehicle. You must rotate the engine to move the drain plug to the bottom for draining.

1980 115 hp outboard motor mercury oil change how?

first of all what oil your are talking about , i hope not engine oil because there is non that is two stroke engine. lower unit has a draining bolt on the bottom and air or fill bolt on the top of the lower unit....

After draining engin oil it still shows overfull on dipstick Can oil be trapped or not draining?

you may have in correct dipstick in vehicle OR clean the dipstick and then re-check.... or if its an older 5.0 engine, there is 2 drain plugs...

Will changing the oil will help if there's too much oil poured into the engine?

Draining the excess will solve the problem.

Why does your engine knock?

I have a recent engine knock on my 91 escort started out intermittant. I have a recent engine knock on my 91 escort started out intermittant.

Which control should be pushed completely in when the engine reaches operating temperature?


How do you change the oil pump on a 94 Honda Prelude?

The oil pump on a 94 Honda Prelude is changed by draining the oil, unbolting the oil pan, and removing it from the vehicle. The oil pump can then be unbolted from the engine and a new one installed.

The search engine started in 1996?

Google started in 1996

How do you take out engine oil with out draining it all?

skill. you'll have to undo the sump plug and let a bit out. It can get a little messy.

Why does oil drain very slowly on Chrysler Intrepid 2002?

Try draining the oil after the engine has warmed up first.

What happen if you don't change a fuel filter in a 1999 buick avenue?

Eventually it will become partially clogged making the fuel pump work harder and possibly burning it up. It can also become so clogged that no fuel reaches the engine and the engine will not run.

At what temps do the low speed and high speed fans come on on your Focus?

The low-speed fan will come on when your engine temperature reaches 180 degrees. The high speed fan will come on. When the engine temperature reaches 200 degrees.