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If all the children and the parents are US citizens and can one of the parent move overseas with the children?


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2008-09-30 14:14:06
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To obtain a passport or visa for a minor the attending parent must provide proof of sole custody by means of a court order or a notarized affidavit from the absent parent allowing the child to leave the U.S. In most cases the parent who is not present will be contacted before a passport or visa is issued. "Travel...Passports for U.S. Citizens."


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Nationality should be an easy concept - it is the country of your birth, so long as your parents are legal citizens of that country.Things get more complex when the parents are not legally citizens of the country their child is born in (this has happened in the cases of children born to a parent serving overseas in the armed forces, for example). Illegal immigrants can not claim nationality in a country they should not be residing in; children born to parents who are overseas on holiday can also present problems.

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That depends on the custody orders and the first right of refusal. Why can't they stay with the other parent?

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Respect and obey your parent,children,parents, love your children.. -children,parent are the nominative-

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Children ALWAYS take their parents as a rolemodel in when growing up, and they just let go of their rolemodel parent and grow with that parents personality.

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