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Mollie, what are you doing asking questions like that? Does your mum know? No. that is not true. You have to register the baby at the embassy in order for the child to derive citizenship. The Immigration Inspector at the port of entry is not going to allow you to enter the U.S. without proof of the child's status. Think about it..... trafficking the port of entry?

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Can Indian citizen apply for American citizenship from Australia if he gets married to American citizen in Australia?

They should be able to through an American Embassy.

Do an American citizen need a visa to travel to turkey?

Check with the Turkish Embassy.

You are an American citizen and your son was born in England to a British mother. Is your son an American citizen?

The American parent should apply for a "certificate of birth abroad" for the child at the nearest US mission. The certificate acts as a certificate of US citizenship.

IF you married a Chinese woman in China how does she become an American citizen?

Go to the embassy. You will find out.

If an American citizen gives birth in Jamaica is the child considered an American or Jamaican citizen and will the child be able to go to America without paperwork?

When my American cousin gave birth in Africa, her daughter was automatically an American citizen. No... that would make the baby an American citizen... but it won't allow a Jamaican mother to stay in America neccessarily! The infant is an American citizen and usually all that is needed is the official birth certificate so the parent(s) have proof that the infant is indeed theirs. It would be in the best interest of the parents to contact the American Embassy in Kingston at 929-4850 for assistance.

Do I need a birth certificate to fly to Florida?

No, not if you are an American citizen and have a valid id.

Is a person born in an American embassy in France a natural born citizen of the US if neither parent is a US citizen?

The soil of the embassy, whatever the country, is always French land (this isn't American soil even though the premises have diplomatic status). Regarding French law, a person born in France in French.

Do both parents need to be American citizens for their child to be a citizen?

No, to be born an American citizen you have to be born on American soil. Such as America or an American embassy. I believe that you only have to have one parent from the country in order to access some kind of resident visa and or long term citizenship.

If an American citizen mother gives birth in Italy the father is an Italian citizen is the child American or Italian or both?

Both and later the child can keep both citizenship's or just take one, but any child born to an American citizen is an American no matter where they are born. I would go to the embassy and get my child their passport papers.

Can you fly to Mexico if you don't have a passport or birth certificate?

not if you're an American citizen. you have to get a passport first

Does my husband need his citizenship certificate to file for me even though he became a citizen through his dad at age six?

Your husband will have to somehow prove that he is an American citizen. So, yes, he will need a certificate, as would anyone petitioning for his or her spouse, American-born or naturalized.

Your dad is an American citizin you live in Ireland does this make you an American citizen?

only if you were born in the united states with a U.S. birth certificate

Can a former US citizen enter the US?

Apparently you can just go to a us embassy like the us embassy in Athens but I do suggest about getting a immigration lawyer so I do recommend and you would have to have a Foriegn citizenship(passport)and also get your certificate of loss of renounce and fill out I-94 along with birth certificate. Mostly the CBP will let you so have a nice flight to the USA

Can a Canadian citizen married to a US citizen get dual citizenship for their children born in the US?

Yes, they can. You just need to do the paper works at the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate general. Your children will then receive wallet-sized card which is their certificate of Canadian citizenship.

What documents needed to get married in azerbaijan?

If you are a foreign citizen planning on getting married in Azerbaijan then you will need a CNI. (Certificate of no impedance to marriage) from your embassy, unless you are a citizen of a country that Azerbaijan recognises for marriages. Also birth certificate, valid entry visa, about $200 or £150 and alot of running around to the Zaggs office! ;) Good luck.

Where can German citizen address their complaints?

The local German embassy.

How does an American citizen living in Mexico bring her Mexican fiance to the US only to visit not to live?

You should contact the American embassy in Mexico for legal advise:

Why was Oswald let back into US and who by?

Oswald applied for return through the US Embassy in Moscow. He was still legally an American Citizen and could not be denied.

Where can a person get passport forms in UK?

If you are a UK citizen - from the Passport Office. If you are a non-UK citizen - from your embassy.

Can an American citizen file for child support from a Canadian citizen?

Yes, you can request child support from a Canadian citizen if you live in the United States. You will have to have proof of paternity or have a birth certificate that has the Canadian citizens name on it.

If a female citizen of a foreign country has a child fathered by an American in that foreign country is the child an American citizen?

Yes, the baby will have dual citizenship. You have to apply for baby born abroad citizenship paperwork

When a Filipino marries a US Citizen what does she become?

She remains a Filipino citizen. Her US husband can petition for her, in which case, once approved, she becomes an American citizen. She can retain Filipino citizenship (hold dual citizenship) by applying at her nearest Philippine Embassy in the US (if she is based there).

Can you have a dual citizenship in Vietnam and USA?

Yes you can be a duel citizen of Vietnam and the USA. My son is. He was born in Vietnam, mother is Vietnamese and I am American. So, he has an American passport and |He has a Vietnamese birth certificate both. Therefore, duel citizen.

How do you become a citizen of Italy?

Contact the Italian embassy in your area and they will tell you how.

Can an American citizen make a salvadorean legal even though they accuse him of a gang member M13?

An American citizen has no authority to make someone legal. Obtaining a visa for a known gang member can be difficult. If they have a clean criminal record, they can apply for a visa.

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