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If an S10 truck will not start is there a relay or circuit breaker that could be the problem?

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2015-07-16 18:06:41
2015-07-16 18:06:41

Well somethings i need to know?

Is the truck engine turning over and just not starting?

If the truck is turning over i would first off guess either gas or elelctrical problems.

If the starter is not turning the engine over, then i would point at the starter relay (you should hear that click when you turn the key). Also if you find that the relay is fine and it is just not clicking then i would look at the ignition switch on the steerin column.

. )

Also, it may be the ignition control module. If the engine turns, but no spark, this could be the ptoblem also. Good Luck!

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It is a relay or switch problem. A circuit breaker or fuse won't keep a light on.

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No. A relay is an electric switch and a circuit breaker is an overcurrent device.

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A local breaker backup relay is used to check the operation of distribution circuit breakers and to trip the feeder circuit breaker if the distribution circuit breaker fails to trip on an overload.

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A relay senses a condition (voltage, flow, amperage, pressure, level, etc.) and allows component actuations (circuit breaker operation, pump start, valve open/close, etc.) to occur. It is part of the control circuitry for a component. A circuit breaker interrupts electrical current flow by opening a circuit under load conditions. Both can provide component protection, but only a circuit breaker directly protects components. A relay could actuate a circuit breaker to provide protection.

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