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If an S10 truck will not start is there a relay or circuit breaker that could be the problem?

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Well somethings i need to know?

Is the truck engine turning over and just not starting?

If the truck is turning over i would first off guess either gas or elelctrical problems.

If the starter is not turning the engine over, then i would point at the starter relay (you should hear that click when you turn the key). Also if you find that the relay is fine and it is just not clicking then i would look at the ignition switch on the steerin column.

. )

Also, it may be the ignition control module. If the engine turns, but no spark, this could be the ptoblem also. Good Luck!

2015-07-16 18:06:41
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Parking lights will not turn off is it a relay or circuit breaker?

It is a relay or switch problem. A circuit breaker or fuse won't keep a light on.

Relay is a circuit breaker or not?

No. A relay is an electric switch and a circuit breaker is an overcurrent device.

What could be the problem if the high beams on 1995 pathfinder won't come on?

Check bulbs Check switch Check relay Check Circuit breaker

What is the function of an LBB relay?

A local breaker backup relay is used to check the operation of distribution circuit breakers and to trip the feeder circuit breaker if the distribution circuit breaker fails to trip on an overload.

Difference between circuit breaker and relay?

A relay senses a condition (voltage, flow, amperage, pressure, level, etc.) and allows component actuations (circuit breaker operation, pump start, valve open/close, etc.) to occur. It is part of the control circuitry for a component. A circuit breaker interrupts electrical current flow by opening a circuit under load conditions. Both can provide component protection, but only a circuit breaker directly protects components. A relay could actuate a circuit breaker to provide protection.

Why would circuit breaker fail?

circuit breaker do get fail if and only if the relay does not respond to the fault occurring in the system !!

What is difference between circuit breaker and relay?

1. Relay-"it is the sensing device which is connected to power circuit and if the any parameter of circuit crosses safe limits ,it sends signal to circuit breaker to break circuit."2. Circuit breaker-" A part of switchgear which is connected in circuit and it opens the circuit on receiving signal from relays"

Where is the motor relay circuit breaker located on a 1989 mustang?

The motor relay circuit breaker may be found on the driver's side of the vehicle, on or near the fender apron. There is a cable that runs from it to the battery.

Is there a relay switch or circuit breaker on a 94 sts?

There are multiple relays and circuit breakers in that vehicle.

Why does a lawn mower keep popping the relay circut breaker?

you have a short to ground in the electrical circuit that that breaker is on.

What are the disadvantages of using fuse in a circuit breaker instead of a relay?

The question is not right. The fuse and circuit breakers are two different protective devices used in the system. It is unlikely that the system has both fuse and a circuit breaker. Fuse is a piece of wire of suitable rating that burns off safely when the current goes above the rated capacity of the fuse wire. Once it is fused (burnt) it cuts off the current flow. It needs to be replaced to restore the current flow. The circuit breaker is a more advanced protective device. It is capable of isolating the circuit automatically if connected to a relay, say over current relay. The over current relay senses the over current in the circuit and triggers the breaker to trip off safely to isolate the circuit. No destruction happens to circuit breaker. It can be switched back once the fault is cleared. Like over current relay there are many such relays - earth fault relay, over voltage relay etc for example.

What is function of damping relay in circuit breaker?

The anti-pumping relay is a device in circuit-breaker whose function is to prevent multiple breaker closures. For instance, if the operator gives the closing command to the breaker by pressing the close button and the breaker closes. However, a fault in the system causes the breaker to trip. Since the close command is still in the pressed condition, there is a chance of the breaker closing again and being tripped by the relay multiple times. This can damage the closing mechanism of the breaker. The anti-pumping relay prevents this by ensuring that the breaker closes only once for one close command from the control panel.

What opens or closes an electrical circuit?

A plug, switch, relay, circuit breaker, contactor, transistor, whatever. What opens or closes an electric circuit is a switch.

What is the Difference between circuit breaker and a relay?

A circuit breaker is a device for the limiting of current supplied to a circuit. Typically using a bi-metalic strip of metal to sense an increased current. The bi-metallic element will react to the increased current by heating up, and typically 'tripping' a mechanisim that will open or clear the circuit. When the bi-metallic unit cools of, the circuit breaker can usually be reset. After repeated 'trips', it is possible for the circuit breaker to become ineffective, wear out, and require replacement. A relay is an electro-mechanical device, typically used to control a system or application. Where as a electrical current is passed through a coil of wire, generating a magentic force which then effects a mechanical response. Such as opening or closing a contact that completes another electrical circuit. A circuit breaker is to designed to protect an electrical circuit, and a relay is designed to control one. Unless a relay has a circuit breaker included in the construction (very uncommon/extremely rare), it is no protection to an electrical circuit.

Why does the 59n relay keep tripping the breaker?

The 59 relay is an overvoltage relay. The 59N relay is an overvoltage relay for the neutral circuit. Check neutral and make sure the system is properly balanced.

1997 Lincoln town car lights flicker you replaced light switch lights still still go out must be a relay or circuit breaker where is the circuit breaker located?

Bad ground.

Where is the 98 Lincoln town car headlight relay located?

No headlight relay listed. The headlight circuit breaker is integral with the headlight switch.

What is undervoltage relay?

It is the relay that senses the system voltage and sends signal to circuit breaker to cut off if the voltage goes below a set point.

What is mcgg relay?

MCGG relay is a circuit breaker that is commonly installed in residential homes. The instruction manual can be located online on various websites and forums.

Where is the headlight relay on a 92 Chevy s-10?

There is no headlight relay. All the switching is done in the headlight switch including a circuit breaker.

Is there a circuit breaker or relay for windshield wiper motor on 91' Lincoln town car?

Should be a breaker in the power distribution box under hood

What is the difference between a circuit braker and a relay?

A circuit breaker when energized will latch and stay in that position until the load is reduced and manually reset. a relay will change state continuously if the source continuously changes

How do you find out what the bottom 3 fusses do on the kick plate of a 94 Toyota pick up?

one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay

What is 50G protection relay mean?

50 is the ANSI device number for an instantaneous overcurrent relay. The G suffix stands for "ground." A 50G protection relay trips the circuit breaker without time delay when it detects a ground fault on the circuit.

Where is the headlight fuse located on a 1997 Volkswagen Jetta?

Headlights are normally operated through a relay or circuit breaker.