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No, it is illegal, and if you are a victim of this, you can have it removed from your credit report by disputing it with the bureaus. After the statute of limitations is up on any trade line, it can not be placed back on your credit report.

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Can one person take another off a credit union joint account?

No, once you have been added to an account, you have to agree to be removed

Where do you call to have liens removed if a lien cannot be contacted?

i would like to know how do i get a lien remove from my title when i have filed chapter 13 and i was discharged. The company went out of business. But they forward the account to another firm and they cannot find not information

If paid medical accounts are listed as charge offs can they be removed or at least not shown as charged off?

Sorry, No. Payment in full of any type of account will not change the payment history.

Should batteries be removed when charging?

No that is not necessary. They can be charged on the vehicle.

Can an account be removed from Facebook?

An account on facebook cannot be fully removed from facebook but it can be disabled (people will not be able to search for you,no recognition of your account) but you can reactivate it by signing in as usual on to your account. To disable your facebook you go to: -account -account settings -scroll down to deactivate account -click 'deactivate' -give your reason for deactivating -enter your password.

How do you remove a Gmail account?

Gmail account can be removed permanently too. This can be done by going in the Account section. The delete account option is present there.

How do you send emails to address removed?

You cannot send emails to an email address (account) that has been removed. In order to send an email, the recipient has to have a working email account.

How do you delete your myLOL account?

Email the Administrator, or post feedback on the site and ask for your account to be removed.

If you have a charge-off written off on your account for a car loan after the 7th year arrives and it is removed off of your credit report can they still repo or require payment on the loan?

Yes you still owe the money. When the account is "charged off" all it means is your account was taken as a loss. They still have the lien on the title and can't repo the unit anytime they want to.

What is the meaning of statically charged?

Something that is statically charged has had electrons added to or removed from it, thus giving it an overall electric charge. Extra electrons make for a negatively charged thing, and the stripping of electrons makes for a positively charged thing.

What are atoms electrical charges?

Unless they are ions, atoms are neutrally charged. The negatively charged electrons orbitting the nucleus neutralized the positive charges of the protons in the nucleus. neutrons do not have an electrical charge. ions are the exception to this, as they have either added or removed orbitting electrons. if an atom has electrons removed, then it is a positively charged cation. most metals form positively charged ions. if electrons are added, then it is a negatively charged anion. most non-metals form negatively charged ions.

If I have registered but wish to be removed how can you do this?

The only thing you can do is leave your account.

If hotmail account is cancelled in writing July and is still charged to a credit card in August and then the service is removed in September without refunding the credit card can you sue them?

why not just contact them and ask for a refund? If you sue the courts will require that you demonstrate damages. You have been "damaged" by the amount of money you were charged. If they give it back to you, you are "whole" again. It is doubtful that the courts would give you more than they charged.

If Craigslist doesn't recognize your account does it mean they have removed it?

not exactly itmight be because you haven't been on in a while or they removed!

Why do An object becomes negatively charged?

if some of the positive charges have been either chemically removed or bonded together, that is how they become negatively charged...................... xoxo

What is a Charge-off in a credit report?

A charged off account is similar to a collection on your credit report. The creditor has written off the debt owed and closed the account. The debt is still valid though and can be collected on. The charge off will lower your credit score unless removed. You can dispute a charge off and this give the credit bureaus 30 days to verify the charge off or it must be removed from your credit report.

How do you get a negative collection account to report positive on a credit report?

In order to repair an account you need to have the part of the account which is derogatory deleted. For example, If you have an account with a late payment, that late payment would either have to be removed or repaired for the account to become positive. Here are some tools to get this accomplished: 1. Goodwill intervention 2. Late payment validation 3. Escalated info request 4. FTC Complaint followed by another late payment validation You can either do this all yourself or you may hire a Credit Repair Company to do this for you.

When an electron s removed the atom becomes a?

The atom becomes a positively charged ion.

What happens when one or more electrons has been removed from a atom?

If one or more electrons are removed from an atom, it becomes positively charged and turns into an ion.

If one electron is removed from the lithium atom?

If one electron is removed from the lithium atom then the atom will become an ion (I believe) which is a positively charged particle.

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