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You must be aware that many times a felon will be deported after serving his time. I would seek professional counsel and apply for permanent residency if already married ASAP. thus if your time is longer than 3 years you can apply for citizenship. It is an uphill battle but get your papers in order ASAP.

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Q: If an illegal alien has a felony but is paying for it with doing time and paying money and gets married to a US Citizen what could happen and can he ever be able to be here legally?
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Can an illegal immigrant with a felony become a citizen?


Is there any way for an illegal alien to come to the United States legally if he was deported 3 times and has a US felony but married a US citizen before his 3rd deportation?

Nope there is no way!!MAybe in 10 years

How can an illegal alien become a us citizen if they have been deported and have a felony in the u.s.?

Unfortunately, an illegal alien can not become an US citizen if they have been deported before. If they have a felony, they can't become a US citizen either.

Can someone who's been deported foe a felony and deported for life come back legally if he has five American children and married to an American citizen?

NO, unless the illegal fights his re-opens the criminal conviction and has the charges dropped, OR if the illegal is able to get a presidental'governor pardon (but tihs doesnt apply for serious felonies).

Can you be deported if you commit a felony even if you are married to a us citizen?


Can an illegal immigrant with a felony record get a work permit after marrying a citizen?

No you should be deported

Is bigamy illegal in Utah?

No. Bigamy is illegal in the United States and has been since the 1860's. In Utah, just cohabiting with more than one person you are not legally married to is a felony and punishable by several years in jail.

Will an illegal alien married to a us citizen be deported for driving under the influence?

Very possible. Being married to a US citizen has nothing to do with it if you haven't applied for citizenship. Driving under the influence has a lesser of a penalty than driving while intoxicated. Never the less, it is still a crime. If you do get deported, you will not be allowed back into the country and if you re-enter illegally, you will be convicted of felony re-entry after deportation and will spend time in a Federal prison. Another problem is how where you driving if you are illegal? Illegals can not legally possess a driver's license.

Can a Canadian citizen sponsor an American citizen if the Canadian citizen has a felony?

can a canadian citizen sponsor his wife who is an american citizen if the candian citizen has a felony on his record

Can an illegal alien who is married to a US citizen and convicted of a felony get a green card?

No. A felony conviction disqualifies you from getting a resident alien card (aka green card); even a misdemeanor can, depending on the nature of the offense. Either case can lead to deportation, so tread carefully.

Can an illegal immigrant become US citizen if convicted of felony deported and reentered U.S illegally?

There is absolutely no chance for an illegal person who has been convicted to become a US citizen. US citizenship requires a person to be of a good moral character.

Can an illegal alien spouse of a legal us citizen who has committed a felony apply for us citizenship?

youuuuuuuuuuu hobos dont anything!!

Can a permanent resident with a felony married to a usa citizen for less than one year be deported?

if an immigrant gets an aggrivated felony while in the US, they can and will have their residency taken away

Can a us citizen with a past felony conviction visit the Philippines.?

Can a us citizen with a past felony conviction visit the Philippines.?

You are married to a US citizen you came there on a student visa Just found out that he has a felony Is the marriage legal?

If you are married to a US citizen who is a felon, the marriage is still legal. If he is now in prison and you are trying to move to the United States, it may cause you problems. If he committed a felony and is now out of prison, there should be no problems other than the usual. That is not guarantee there will not be.

If you are a citizen and have a felony record does that prevent you from getting your illegal alien wife US citizenship?

No. Only if she was a felon would she have problems with citizenship; as it is, you will have enough issues given that she is an illegal alien and assumably already in the country.

How much marijuana can you grow in Kentucky legally?

You cannot grow Marijuana in Kentucky legally. One plant is considered cultivation and is illegal. Offenses range from class A misdemeanor to the highest classed Felony depending on the circumstances.

If I had a civil ceremony in Costa Rica my husband did not disclose his felony his brother was a witness and nothing was ever filed here was it legal and what do I have to do if we separate?

Felons are not prevented from getting married. Brothers and sisters are commonly used as witnesses. I take it that 'here' means the United States. If you are legally married in Costa Rica, you are legally married in the US. You would have to get the marriage annulled or get a divorce to legally get married again.

Can you become a citizen if a have a forgery felony?


If you have a felony can it be removed from your record?

Not legally...

Can you buy a gun legally after a felony conviction?


What if your fiance is a German citizen and has been convicted of a felony in Germany when you get married will he be a US citizen?

Marriage to a US citizen does NOT guarantee citizenship. Depending upon circumstances he MAY not be allowed entrance into the country. In the US you would have to check with ICE to determine his possible status.

If an illegal immigrant married a US citizen just for papers what are the penalties?

If charged and convicted both parties are subject to a maximum of 5 years in a federal facility and a maximum of a $250,000 fine. Once the imposed sentence has been served the foreign national will be permanently deported to his or her country of origin and the US citizen will have a permanent record of having been convicted of a federal felony.

Can an illegal immigrant who has a criminal background obtain a green card by marrying a US citizen?

No. In most cases it is no longer possible for a foreign national who is unlawfully present within the US to be sponsored for permanent residency or citizenship by a citizen spouse regardless of having a criminal history or not. Any foreign national either legally or illegally within the US is subject to deportation if convicted of a federal or state felony.

How can an illegal alien become a us citizen if they have been deported and have a felony in the US?

It is not possible for an illegal alien who has been deported to become a US citizen. Certain crimes will put a short term bar on the aliens from applying for a visa to enter the US. Even if they manage to get a visa, it will be very difficult to become a US citizen. Their past felonies and deportation charges will act against their citizenship application.

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