If both American and filipino are not resident of Germany they want to get marry only in Germany what is the requirements and is there a possible to stay also Germany of both parties?

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Getting married in Germany is possible for two people who are not residents or citizens. Contact a German embassy or consulate for the procedure. You should also each contact a marriage lawyer in the United States and in the Philippines to make sure all your bases are covered for legality there (if you care about that).

It is unlikely that Germany would grant you residency after marrying there, unless either of you had other reasons for seeking residency (employment, asylum, etc.)!
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How were the Allies able to defeat both Germany and Japan?

Answer . Japan was defeated because the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Germany was defeated because it was an allied effort that produced two fronts. The western front(France) and the eastern front(Russia).. Answer Japan was defeated long before the atomic bombs (incide ( Full Answer )

Where is Germany?

Germany is situated in central Europe. To the North is the Baltic Sea, the North Sea. Here is a list of these countries: To the North: Denmark To the West: France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands (formally, Holland) To the East: Poland, and the Czech Republic. To the South: Austri ( Full Answer )

What is Germany?

Germany is a federal republic in Central Europe, east of France andwest of Poland. It was divided into West Germany and East Germany(Warsaw Pact) during the Cold War (1946-1990), after its post WorldWar II occupation. The German Empire was formed from Prussia and the former GermanicConfederation sta ( Full Answer )

Was the Nazi party the only party in Germany in the 1930's and 1940's?

The Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei , or "Nazi" Party for short, was never the only political party in Germany. (In English, it was the National Socialist German Workers' Party.) Especially through the Weimar years (1919-1933), there were dozens of other political parties throughout ( Full Answer )

What is there to do in Germany?

what to do in Germany is unending. Munich historical sites. Nurenberg additional historical sites. Garmisch, just south of Munich. many quaint restaurants & hotels. No far from Garmisch is Oberammergau. German center for wood carvings and the passion play every 10 years (check your calender). If a t ( Full Answer )

Why did France and Germany both want Alsace-Lorraine?

Many reasons. First off, it depends what time period we are talking about. Both countries, quiet rightly wanted the land as they both wanted to expand; Alsace-Lorraine was in between them so both felt like it was a possible addition. Also, Alsace-Lorraine had a lot of German speaking people in it an ( Full Answer )

Why do Americans Call Germany Germany?

The word Germania was used by the Romans to describe the region now known as Germany. Because English contains some Latin roots, the name Germany has continued to be used.

Who was the founder of the Nazi party in Germany?

Anion Drexler, an avid German nationalist and a Munich locksmith,founded the Nazi Party in Germany on 5 January 1919. However it didnot take the name Nationalsozialistische DeutscheArbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers Party, orNazi Party) until 24 February 1920.

What is The treaty that allowed both Catholic and Lutheran churches in Germany?

The Peace of Augsburg was a treaty between CharlesV and the Schmalkaldic League (a group of Lutheran princes) on 25September 1555 in Augsburg, Germany. It was the official end of thewars between protestants and Catholics and established the "Cuiusregio, eius religio, which allowed each prince in th ( Full Answer )

What party does the Germany Chancellor belong to?

The current chancellor of Germany in 2011 is Angela Merkel from the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) party. Functionally, the Chancellor is elected by the Bundestag (parliament), and must receive a majority vote. While usually a member of the largest political party, it is not a requirement. The G ( Full Answer )

The treaty that allowed both Catholic and Lutheran churches in Germany was the?

The Peace of Augsburg was a treaty between CharlesV and the Schmalkaldic League (a group of Lutheran princes) on 25September 1555 in Augsburg, Germany. It was the official end of thewars between protestants and Catholics and established the "Cuiusregio, eius religio, which allowed each prince in th ( Full Answer )

Is Germany the only name for Germany?

In the English language, yes. Otherwise ... No, other names include Deutschland (German), Allemagne (French), Tyskland (Danish), Njemačka (Hungarian) and Saksamaa (Estonian).

Who Was The Ruling Political Party In Germany?

The ruling party in Germany between 1898-1945 was the Nazi partylead by Adolf Hitler. The establishment of the Basic law by theGerman Parliament has led to a 5 party system that is mostlytransparent in Germany today. The Social Democratic party is amajor play in the modern government.

Did Germany cause both World Wars?

No they only caused the second one. . After the First World War Germany was forced to sign the Versailles Treaty and admit its "guilt" for causing the war. Germany may have been partly to blame but others were equally at fault. This was partly a reflection of the anger felt by the Entente Powers (" ( Full Answer )

Cost of a hospital stay in Germany?

The cost of hospital stay in Germany is about one third the cost ofone in the United States. Three days in a German hospital will costabout 5,000 dollars.

Why did Germany occupy both Denmark and Norway?

The Nazis wanted the mineral ore in their mountain near Narvik, Norway. They also wanted to block the passageway in and out of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. They certainly did not want people escaping from Denmark to Sweden since it is so close to Denmark. They failed at that. The Danes managed ( Full Answer )

What did Hitler and his party offer Germany?

a happy free life that was free from harm and things from the 'outside world' as you could say. He just wanted to convince the Germans that killing off the Jews was a 'good thing.' so basically, he was just lying to them to make them believe that he would be a good leader.

Is Germany a Democratic Party?

Germany is a federal, parliamentary representative democratic republic German political system operates under a framework laid out in the 1949 constitutional document known as the Basic Law.

What do you do in Germany?

I just eat bread and cheese and ride my bike smelling cowcrap along the way to the next town. Then I come home to my German Shepherd and play PS3 online. Pretty charming, yet boring life. :)

Where to stay in Germany?

Depends on where you are and what you want to do. "Zimmers" are rooms for rent in private homes and may include meals. The camping in Europe is some of the best and there are plenty of campgrounds. For on the cheap is the youth hostel's, but they can be dangerous. There are many wonderful hotels to ( Full Answer )

Why was the Nazi party loved in Germany?

It was loved - by some- because it promised to and in some ways did improve the lives of the German people. The Treaty of Versailles, which was the peace settlement made between the Allies and Germany at the end of World War One, made Germany incredibly weak. Germany had great pride in its army and ( Full Answer )

When was the rise of the socialist party in Germany?

The rise probably started in the 1930's when the Party of Hitler "The NSDAP" became more popular among people. It WA ongoing from the early 20's Hitler joined the dap- a group formed from ww1 veterans who felt let down by the government. Hitler was sent by the army intelligence core to check it o ( Full Answer )

Did both Germany and the Soviet Union invade Poland?

yes, Germany and the soviet union both invaded Poland. when the Germans invaded the Soviet union, it came as a big suprise to the Russians, who signed a non aggression pact with the soviet union.

Why did Germany declare war on both Russia and France?

In World War 2 Germany had already defeated France when they declared war on Russia. At the time that Germany invaded Russia, Britain was the only major power at war with Germany and Britain didn't have the resources to mount an attack against mainland Europe. Germany was unable to attack Engl ( Full Answer )

What is Germany about?

Germany is an awesome country! You might want to vist it one day. I definitely would want to visit Germany. It's has a great culture and really really pretty people!

What country was allied with Germany in both world wars?

Austria-Hungary I would like to improve the first answer as follows. Since Austria was "absorbed" by Germany in 1938, it was no more an independent Country, but a part of Grossdeutschland (The Great Germany) so that it cannot be considered as an allied Country. Thus, the Hungary was the only Country ( Full Answer )

Which leader was exploited to bring about the unification of both Italy and Germany?

Emperor Napoleon the IIIrd, of France. Sent troops in Italy to support the Piemont-sponsored unification war of Giuseppe Garibaldi (in exchange for land): famous battle of Magenta and Solferino. He was also the "common foe" against which Germany was united under Bismarck. Bismarck's Prussia ha ( Full Answer )

Why did France and Germany both want Alsace Lorraine?

This was because Alsace and Lorraine were very rich in resources . It was a agricultural land and was a major part of food production and so France was in a major food crisis when Germany took it. They wanted revenge on Germany and so the world war 1 broke out and the treaty of Versailles ( Full Answer )

Did soldierd from both Germany and France fight in the revolutionary war?

Yes. The French were a Patriot ally, and contributed to the fighting (mainly with ships), both in North America and around the world. While Germany was not yet a unified country, mercenaries from the states which would eventually make up modern Germany fought for the British, most famously the Hessi ( Full Answer )

Is the Nazi party legal in Germany?

No it is not legal. In fact, the German Constitution not onlyforbids Nazi-like parties, but it also forbids Nazi paraphernalia(like flags, songs and uniforms), Nazi symbols (like the swastika)and Nazi books (like Hitler's Mein Kampf ). There is also aspecial court that determines if a political par ( Full Answer )

Which countries in Europe border both Germany and Switzerland?

Are trying to change your nationality ? do you need work papers ?do you want travel ? do you need papers you cant have ?if yes ,then you are in the right place at the right time We are an independent group of specialized IT professionals anddata base technicians who are specialized in the productio ( Full Answer )

What country was aligned with Germany during both world wars?

During the First World War, Germany was allied with theAustro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and Italy. Italy laterchanged sides in the war. During the Second Word War, Germany wasoriginally allied with Italy, Japan, and the Soviet Union. Germanylater betrayed the Soviet Union in 1942. Nazi G ( Full Answer )

Who was also the Military Governor of the American Occupation Zone in Germany?

Eisenhower until he went home November 10, 1945, then George S.Patton as Acting Governor for two weeks, then Joseph T. McNarneyuntil January 5, 1947, then the best known and the one in commandduring the Berlin crisis and Airlift, Lucius D. Clay, until May 14,1949. Clay was replaced by Acting Governo ( Full Answer )

Was there opposition to the nazi party in Germany?

Before spring of 1933, yes, there were many political parties thatopposed the Nazis. After spring of 1933, there were not as many. All parties exceptthe Nazi Party were abolished. Opposition was eliminated by Nazis'powerful police and internal security agencies (such as the Gestapoand the SS). But ( Full Answer )