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I think what you're saying is that there is no court order in place. If that is the case, then neither parent has legal custody, so who ever has the children then has custody. So, if the children were to return to the mothers care, or if the mother were to obtain the children she would then have custody. This is the case in North Carolina. I can't speak to other states. However, I would like to issue a warning. It is in the best interest of the children for the parents to come to an agreement about the custody of the children. Parents who are separated should still work together to ensure the well-being a safety of their children. If the mother is a drug user, has a violent boyfriend, or anything else that might put children at risk, then be warned that if the mother does remove the children from the father unwillingly - it is likely that he will make a report to Child Protective Services. If CPS finds out that the mother is an unsafe caregiver, it is likely the department will place the children with the father and give him full custody - with a court order.

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If there is a court order stating that the father cannot see the children does he still have to pay support in Michigan?

Yes, and even if he's not the father.

Can children have cancer from their father?

No,they cannot have cancer from their father

Can transgender women father children?

Yes, transgender women can father children, but only if they have not had transitional surgery. Transgender men cannot father children.

How can a father cancel child support?

A father cannot be relieved of his financial obligations to his minor child/children unless... The father is allowed to relinquish his parental rights to enable the child/children to be legally adopted. A paternity test proves he is not the biological father.

Are the biological children entitled to anything if a father dies and only leaves his adopted children money?

Perhaps, but not necessarily. Adopted children are the same as biological children when it comes to inheritance.

Can your girlfriend adopt your children when the father doesn't want to have anything to do with his children even though the father barely pays child support?

not without his permission, and in states that allow lesbian couple adoptions

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A vasectomy is an operation where the tubes carrying sperm from the testes out of the body are cut. It means that the male cannot father children although very rarely the tubes join up by themselves and the male does father children.

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Can visitation stop with the father if his new wife the step mother was arrested for assault and battery against the father?

Not necessarily. Unless there is a restraining order in place barring the father from the children, he still has parental rights. If there is an order barring the step mother from the children, then the father still has visitation, but he cannot have them around his wife, nor can he speak about her to the children, or even so much as sign her name on a birthday card for the children.

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Can you marry a father that is proven unfit by the state of Illinois?

Yes, but you cannot leave him alone in the care of your children at any time.

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What is the duration of The Father of My Children?

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Can a man father a child if he has tumors on his prostate?

If you have a prostactectomy to get rid of it then you will not be able to father children because the prostate makes the seminal fluid. You cannot ejaculate without the seminal fluid.

If a father signs papers stating he is the father and then tells the state he is not does he still have to pay child support?

He is obligated to pay support until/unless it is established that he is not the father.

Can a daughter be blood type O when her father is blood type AB and her mother is A?

No. AB parents cannot have O type children; however, A, B, and O can have O type children. If the father is AB and the mother is A the child will have to be either A, B or AB.

You cannot nurse nor give birth you can be a mother or a father or both at the same time you can never have any children of your own What are you?


What father doesn't have children?

A Catholic priest might be considered to be a father that doesn't have children.

How many children did Mickey Mouse have?

Actually, Mickey Mouse doesn't have children. He might play roles as a father, but technically they aren't his children. Besides, he is not married to anyone, (he is actually notmarried to Minnie, they're dating) so he cannot have children, as this would be a bad influence to children if he did have children and was not married.

If a mother represented by a shaded circle and a father is represented by a shaded square their children cannot be represented by half shaded circles or squares?


Does having sole custody mean you can claim your kids and the father cannot?

As long as you have the children 51% of the time. Custody is not an issue regarded by the IRS.

Adult son won't speak to his father?

Consider that possibly the son feels he has a valid reason for not interacting with his father, and if possible can the father do anything to rectify that situation. If you feel or know that the father did not cause the rift, accept that adult children are adults, and that adults can choose to speak to whomever they wish. Adult children are also still your children and go through phases all their lives. Give him time and he may come around.

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Do you have to let your husband talk to kids?

If your husband is the father of your children, he has just as much right to do anything with them that you do, until and unless a court says otherwise.