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Oh no no no no..... that does not work. Oh no no no no..... that does not work.

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Q: If groom's parents pay as much as bride's parents should they also have a greater part in the planning?
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After a proposal should the grooms parents call the brides parents or should the brides parents call the grooms parents first?

It does not really matter whether it is the groom or bride's parents who call. In many cases the groom's parents call, but, etiquette does not dictate this.

What are the typical ages of brides and grooms?

For brides,25-30, for grooms,30-35

Do Muslim grooms parents have to provide transportation for the Brides mother if the coupl is getting married in another country where the grooms parents live?

They are not obliged to do this, but if the Mother of the Bride is in reduced circumstances , and the Groom's parents can afford it, it would be a lovely Bride's Gift from her new in-laws.

Can brides and grooms pay for their own wedding themselves?


Are there many cultures where brides and grooms don't kiss?


What is protocol for grooms parents in wedding event?

Remember this wedding is not about the parents, it is about their child and they are there to bear witness, show support, and ensure neither the groom nor the bride decide they have cold feet and vanish.

When does the Jewish groom come for his bride?

Orthodox Jewish grooms come for their brides after being apart from each other for a week. Other Jewish grooms come for their brides like everyone else.

What are the ages of brides and grooms?

Usually somewhere between about 13 and 113.

Where can one purchase suits for grooms?

One can purchase suits for grooms at various retailers. One can purchase suits for grooms online at websites such as Etsy, DHgate, The Knot, and Brides.

Why don't brides and grooms kiss at Orthodox Jewish Weddings?

Most brides and grooms do kiss at Orthodox Jewish weddings, albeit a modest kiss.

Do the grooms parents send thank you brides parents?

For the lovely wedding, if the Bride's parents pay for it, and for the gift of their daughter and themselves as a welcome addition to their family. Your children's wedding day is a time to be on your most welcoming behavior , even if you have the slightest reservations.

I know the brides name but not the grooms name. How do Iaddress the wedding card?

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