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If i restore my computer to a certain date does that delete the virus?

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One of the best features of Windows ME or XP is the System Restore option, however if a virus infects a computer with this operating system the virus may be accidentally backed up because of this feature. In order to completely remove a virus on these operating systems, you should disable System Restore before cleaning the system, then reenable it after the system is clean.

2006-07-15 16:52:15
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Q: If i restore my computer to a certain date does that delete the virus?
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Does project 64 give your computer a virus?

yes it deletes you net drivers and it delete your restore files

How do you remove virus in computer?

You need a certain Anti-Virus Software, that allows you to either quarantine or delete malicious software on your computer.

How can you get rid of a computer virus for free?

to get rid of a computer virus just delete System32 in your computer it is where they all hide just delete the whole file it always works for me

How the virus effects the computer?

it can delete your programs

How do you get rid of a bloodhound virus that Norton Virus cannot fix?

# Disable system restore (otherwise the virus will return) # Start your PC in safe mode. do this by pressing F8 when the computer is starting up. # Run norton antivirus and it should be able to find and delete the virus # Restart the computer # Enable system restore

How can you clean your computer from file virus?

Delete the system32 folder on your computer

Can you remove a virus from your computer yourself?

Yes, all you have to know is how to delete and what file to delete.

Why is delete function slow?

You computer might be virus-infected.

How does computer virus affect you?

it can delete all of your files if you do not get rid of it

Can you delete IMVU before it gives your computer a virus?

yeah you can

You are not able to open the folder how do you delete a virus?

start all programs accesories system tools system restore restore it back a day or 2

What does virus protection software do to get rid of computer virus?

well most of them scan your whole computer and then after it finds the virus it will quarantine the virus ( to keep the virrus from jumping) and simply delete it

How do we delete a Trojan and a virus of your computer?

Have a look at AVG free anti virus

How can you get rid of advertisements on webkinz?

you can try using the control delete to delete the adds but if it does not delete, then you have a very bad computer virus.

How can I get rid of Win32Trojangen other This virus was picked up by Avast antivirus moved it to the virus chest. It has infected the file ip6fw.sys in the folder windows system32 drivers?

Try to clean or delete it. If that doesn't work take it to a professional or restore your computer before you got the virus.

What can I do next if the system restore didn't help quarentine the virus and restore my systems?

You can take your computer to a shop where they know what they are doing!

How do you play guffins?

you don't. its a virus. if you have it downloaded, delete it and "clean" your computer.

What to do when a computer is attacked by virus?

Run your anti-virus software on full scandelete detected file

What is the most deadly computer virus?

System32 just search it on your computer and search it if you find it delete it!

How can one retrieve data after a bad virus?

One can retrieve data after a bad virus if they have backup all their files. One can restart the computer then use their antivirus to filtrate out the virus. Once the virus or trojan has been found one must delete using the anti virus program. Then one should activate the built in system restore.

When you delete Trojan virus off your computer why does your computer stop working?

You computer is working furiously to get rid of the virus, but it has not stopped working. give it a while to finish and it will be okay.

How can you delete a virus infected restore file in Windows Millennium if you have turned off system restore tried to delete it and are denied access?

This is the free Microsoft anti-virus line. This is a totally free service that will walk you through the virus removal steps: For support within the United States and Canada, call toll-free (866) PCSAFETY (727-2338).

What do you understand by the term computer virus?

A computer virus is really just a program that is able to "connect to" your computer. For example, think of your operating system. It is composed of so many different components. When a computer virus enters your computer, it is compatible with some of the functions of the operating system. Therefore, when you turn on the operating system, the virus also turns on. In biology terms, it basically lives parasitically with the operating system since it disables it from functioning and also lives comfortably within it. Some strong computer viruses disable the system restore function too. Since the system restore function will restore the computer back to a period where it was normal, destroying the virus, the virus will "hook" to one of the system restore components and disable it from functioning too. To solve this problem, enter into safe mode, which will allow only the most basic computer functions to operate, and then utilize system restore.

What virus's can do?

Virus can delete files in your computer . It can slow down your computer . It also depends on the power of the virus you get . Some virus's are used to get information of others .

Also how to get rid of the virus on the desktop and is it safe to download program for getting rid of the virus and is there any other way to get rid of the virus?

VIRUS REMOVAL 1st thing would be to close/turn off System Restore where critters hide out till you Restore the virus. start,all programs,system tools,system restore settings,turn off system restore. this deletes all prior restore points and deletes anything hiding there. REMEMBER TO RETURN AND: A] TURN SYSTEM RESTORE BACK ON B] CREATE A NEW,CLEAN RESTORE POINT next,download and install use Avast anti virus,run it and remove virus that way Free antivirus - avast ! 4 Home Edition Download - open internet options from control panel and delete: cookies temp files history delete files from prefetch folder: start,my computer,disk drive (c),windows,prefetch click view click select all delete LAST option would be to re install windows