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Then all the threads and all the instances of the class that contain the static variable would see the new value. Please make sure that you address any concurrent access (synchronization) issue that might appear.

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Q: If in a multithreaded process a static variable is initialized at 10 and first user increments is value?
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What components of program state are shared across threads in a multithreaded process?

Obviously Heap Memory

What is the relation between a thread and a process?

a thread represents a line of execution within a process. processes can be multithreaded, that is, they can have several different lines of execution occurring simultaneously.

What is a Bernoulli variable?

A Bernoulli variable is a variable which is part of a Bernoulli process.

Why would you want to export a variable in Unix?

You export a variable in one process so that a child process can have the value as well. If you don't export the variable then the child process cannot see it.

What are advantages of multithreaded process?

A multithreaded process is one that can fully utilize the processing power of a computer processor. The processor is many times faster than what is required to run a single threaded java application and hence it spends more than 90% of its time idling. Hence multithreaded applications create multiple threads of execution that can be run in parallel thereby better utilizing the processing power of the CPU. Multithreaded processes are much faster and efficient in processing than single threaded system.

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The manipulated variable in process control is the variable that the controller action influences

What is the definition of manipulative variable?

The manipulated variable in process control is the variable that the controller action influences.

What is the difference between single threaded and multi threaded process?

A write-up of the answer to this question can be found here:"There are two types of apartments: single-threaded apartments, and multithreaded apartments. * Single-threaded Apartments-Single-threaded apartments consist of exactly one thread, so all COM objects that live in a single-threaded apartment can receive method calls only from the one thread that belongs to that apartment. All method calls to a COM object in a single-threaded apartment are synchronized with the windows message queue for the single-threaded apartment's thread. A process with a single thread of execution is simply a special case of this model.* Multithreaded Apartments-Multithreaded apartments consist of one or more threads, so all COM objects that live in an multithreaded apartment can receive method calls directly from any of the threads that belong to the multithreaded apartment. Threads in a multithreaded apartment use a model called free-threading. Calls to COM objects in a multithreaded apartment are synchronized by the objects themselves."

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Dependent Variable

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Booting is a process in which your computer gets initialized. This process includes initilizing all your hadware components in your computer and get them to work together and to load your default operating system which will make your computer operational.

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What are process parameters?

A process parameter refers to the current status of a procedure under control. It is also known as a process variable or process value.

An object or graphic that can be moved independently of the surrounding text?

the process in using the arrow keys to move and object in small precise increments

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A random variable is a variable which can take different values and the values that it takes depends on some probability distribution rather than a deterministic rule. A random process is a process which can be in a number of different states and the transition from one state to another is random.

What is variable initialization in computer programming?

the process of assigning initial value to a symbolic name(variable name}which helps to identify memory location is known as the variable initialization.

In IT What is the difference between a user variable and a system variable?

A user variable is a memory which is used in specific function or functionality. A system variable is kinda of generic, accessible to all users of the system. It does not bind to specific process as such.

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level of treatment

Which of the following components of program state are shared across threads in a multithreaded process a.Register values b.Heap memory c.Global variables d.Stack memory?

Yes but there is not enough time or enough space here for a full justification of the answer

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