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yes they aren't expected to have a big first litter, my cat only had three its first litter.


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some times both my cats have had 3-5 or 6 in their first litter i suppose anything could happen.

that's the norm for mine. her first litter she had only one and her second litter she has only 1. as for pregnancies being too close.....hers is over 2 years apart.

Two is usually the smallest amount of kittens in the litter, but if there is only one kitten, then that either means something is wrong, or the other kitten died.

Yes. We often assume that when a cat has a litter of kittens there are several but, on occasion the cat will have only one kitten (particularly if the cat is small herself).

Your kitten will have a litter when it is a cat, not a kitten. Cats will have kitties when they are in heat (sexually active) around the 6th month to the 9th month of their life. That time if they mate they will have kitties. :) Your cat will only have kitties if you haven't spayed it yet.

Maybe the rest of the sperm from the male died.

There are a couple reasons for this.She has a mental problemShe didn't reconize it as her kitten (Mental problem)Was she feral? Feral cats do that sometimes to keep from starving.The kitten could have been too weak to survive or the mother could not wean it. If the mother cat, when a kitten, had been separated from the litter too early (seven weeks), or the cat is too young to be a mother, it has no awareness of what to do and treats the kitten as just another food source. Most experts conclude this behavior is generally confined to the first litter.

Not very normal, perhaps in less than 10% of the cases but I'm just guessing.

It is perfectly normal for a cat to have only two kittens. Sometimes a cat will have only one kitten. Usually a cat will have fewer kittens in her first litter, and when she is older she will have a larger litter.

they can, and it's possible for cats to have 1 kitten in a litter aswell.

No, my kitten was in a litter of around 6 or 7

You should always start training your kitten at a young age when training them. Here are the steps 1) Show the kitten the box. 2) Leave the kitten in a room with its food and the box, visiting it and making sure it is using the box and gaining a lot of attention. 3) Once the kitten is beginning to understand using the litter box is the correct thing to do, you may remove the box and kitten out of the room and place the box in a hidden place where only you and the kitten know where it is. 4) Show the kitten the box. 5) Cover the ground in plastic, in case the kitten is unable to make it to the box. 6) Once the kitten regularly makes it to the box and is using the box, is when you know he or she is trained. ~These are the steps i took to litter-box train my own cats. Good Luck~

Yes! That is, if newspaper if the only material readily available - but you should but some proper cat litter ASAP :)

A litter can be ONE kitten. A cat can have anywhere from 4-8 kittens or upwards of 10-12 kittens in a litter. Big Cats, lions, cheetahs, etc., only have one or two per litter.

you should have a: cosy bed kitten food milk or water grooming tools such as brush a warm spot in your house litter and litter dish kitty toys how to raise it: when the kitten first comes in your home you should have a cosy bed made or bought, kitten food only kitten food they shouldn't have cat food until older, milk or water some kittens can be lactose and tolerant, you should brush your cats fur every while depending on how much they have you should brush long hairs daily and short hairs 2 times a week, and kittens also need litter and toys

A cat can give birth to as few as one kitten to as many as 14, though the average litter size is around 4-5. Many different factors can go into why your cat only gave birth to one kitten.

Simply because it was her first litter. It is likely that if she has a second litter, she'll have more.

Is the kitten still nursing, or is she being bottle fed?How are her litter mates doing with this? The kittens are still young, and dry food may be just too hard for them right now. Dry kibble is incredibly hard and brittle and young kittens especially may be put off. Your kitten may not even like the taste of the food (this isn't uncommon in cats). If your kitten is refusing a certain brand of food, try another. Even try some wet food to see if you kitten prefers that. I can suggest to you is that you see your vet. She's about the right age for her first shots anyway.

Purebred, healthy Persians can cost anywhere from $500 for a pet quality kitten to $1000 for a show quality kitten. Only purchase a show kitten if you intend to show her. It's important to understand that you may ask the breeder for the smallest kitten in the litter, but no reputable breeder will market kittens as "mini" or "teacup."

A better way to go about it, would be to try to catch it in the act. If you see it actively peeing on your bed, immediately give it a harsh tap on the nose or head (do NOT hurt your kitten! It is only meant to be unpleasant); or spritz it with some water if it dislikes that. And then very promptly move it into the litterbox. As with children, the discipline of animals requires punishment for bad behavior. Until you can get your kitten "house broken" you will never get it to stop wetting your bed. You have to have a litter box put where the kitten can get at it. Keep the kitten in a confined area such as the kitchen with the litter box nearby. As it learns to use the litter box you can gradually introduce it to other rooms of the house.

nah, it depends on that cat. a cat can usually have anywhere from like 1 kitten to 12 kittens

The female has only one litter of young per year. The litter will usually have 2-5 kits.

The kitten wont be able to climb the stairs so you have to have a litterbox on whatever floor it is on. For an adult cat you still only need one litter box on one floor

A litter of cats means the group of kittens that a mother cat gives birth to at one time, and has no set number. I don't know, off hand, the record largest litter, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that it was twenty or more; a litter can potentially be only a single kitten; but the usual size seems to be about five to seven.

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