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Is a two year old cat too young to have kittens?

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No. Any cat over one year of age(that is a female) can have kittens.

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Are kittens real?

Yes, kittens are indeed real. The word "kitten" is used for a young cat less than a year old. After a year old, the kitten is considered to be fully grown and is called a "cat".

All cats large and small are kittens?

A young cat (below 1 year old) is called a kittten. After one year old, it is an adult cat.

Can an old cat have babies?

An old cat can have kittens. Cat can always have kittens unless they die, are spayed, or kept away from an 'intact' male. Whether or not an old cat SHOULD have kittens, is another question all together.

Is a kitten easy to train then a cat?

yes kittens are easier to train because they are smaller and at a young age, they should be trained. kittens at young age are proven to be a bit smarter than at old age, making young kittens easier to train.

Can a 5 month-old cat get pregnant?

Yes. Kittens as young as 4 months old can potentially get pregnant.

Why is my 8 years old cat suddenly over protective of kittens that arent hers?

Your 8 year old cat may be suddenly over protective of kittens that aren't hers because her maternal instinct kicked in. Especially if she ever had kittens in the past.

How old does a cat have to be in order to be pregnant?

The cat can be quite young-even a kitten. However the healthier age for a female cat to have kittens is when they are fully mature at the age of two.

When a cat has kittens how long can it stay gone?

That depends how old the kittens are.

Do cats chase away there first litter of kittens when they give birth again?

Cats dont chase away their kittens until the kittens are atleast 1 year old. In some cases this may change but it is most common at the ages for the young cat to leave their mothers house.

Can cats with kittens be in heat?

This usually depends on how old the kittens are and the individual mother cat. Usually a female cat will come back into season after her current kittens are weaned. However, some cats' cycles can start again when her kittens are still very young, and some will not come into heat again for many months after the kittens are weaned.

How old does a kitten have to be before in can have kittens?

a cat can be a year old when it can have kittens as my cat Tinkerbell did and they are really cute but you can stop them by getting them doctored do this quite fast as my mum tried everything she could to stop our cat Tinkerbell but she still did she even separated them it didn't work though.

When do kittens start on cat food?

Kittens usually start eating kitten food around four weeks of age until it is one year old. After one year, the cat is considered an adult and should be switched to an adult food.

Why does mother cat scream and attack kittens?

The mother cat killed her kittens. She then let her 8 week old kittens nurse her. Rhen she tried to kill them. She screams like a wild cat.

Where do six week old kittens originate?

The mother cat gives birth to the kittens.

When does a cat get there milk?

A cat gets there milk when they are about 19 months to a year old sometimes they don't get their milk and won't be able to feed their kittens you can get cat milk from your local cat breeder and put it in a bottle and feed to the kittens (a little at a time) a cat might get their milk younger than 19 months- 1 year old if you are not sure if your cat has milk or not take it to your vet and see what they say ( i hoped this helps!)

Is an cat the of 2 years a young cat or an adult?

Learn how to type. I think you meant , "is a cat that is 2 years old a young cat or an adult". if that is it, then a cat of two years old would be an adult cat. A cat is considered a fully grown cat when they reach a year old.

How old are kittens when they start to eat cat food?

Cats grow to full maturity in about a year. They can start eating adult cat food at around 8 months old.

How long does it take for a kitten to grow into a cat?

Kittens are generally considered adult at the age of 1 year old.

Can a ten year old cat have kittens?

yes but only about 2 or 3 but younger cats can have up to 7

Are All cats large and small called kittens?

if the cat is under 1 year old it is called a kitten

It's my cats first litter how many kittens can i expect?

It is impossible to know how many kittens a cat will have without a vet exam. How old is the cat? Is it indoor or outdoor only? I have seen a 6 month old kitten give birth to a single kitten and abandon it. I have seen a 1 year old cat give birth to 4 kittens. Some have as many as 11 kittens. Also some breeds have larger or smaller litters. There is a lot to consider. All this is true, but on average a cat will have 1-8 kittens in a litter.

Can a cat get pregnant while it has kittens?

Not really, but i guess it depends how young the kittens in her tummy are. If they are quite old enough to make the mothers belly swollen then definetely it cannot even mate at the stage.

Why is your male 2 year old cat trying to bite your new kittens neck?

He could be tring to pick the cat up. Picking a kitten up by the scuff of the neck will not hurt it and is how mother cats carry their kittens.

When should a male cat be neutered?

Kittens as young as 8 weeks old can be neutered or spayed. If you have an indoors-only cat, you don't have to get it done right away. You can wait until the cat is 6 to 8 months, or even a year old. But if the cat is an outdoors cat, and therefore could potentially start impregnating female cats, then you should have it done as soon as possible.

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