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yes, because you would still be pregnant and still have the hormone which is what the home pregnancy test is testing for.

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Yes, a tubal pregnancy does show positive as the implanted embryo is producing the HCG. If you have a positive test then start having acute pain on one side or the other (with or without bleeding) go straight to the emergency department and tell them what has happened. A tubal pregnancy can be extremely dangerous.

Yes you can have a positive test after a tubal. I also had a tubal in 2000. Took a home pregnancy test, 3 of them. All came back positive. This was just 5 weeks ago.

Yes, you will still get a positive pregnancy test even with a tubal pregnancy. your body still makes hcg which is the growth hormone that is produced when your pregnant. Those levels are measured in your blood or in your urine. As long as the level is over 50 in your urine, it will show up. Good luck.

Yes, that is what positive means, you are pregnant. Yes. The best thing to do is to go to a doctor to have it confirmed. Pregnancy tests have a slight margin of error. They show positive if you have the preganacy hormone in your body. However, sometimes they show positive foir other medical reasons. It is safe to assume if you have missed your period and your at home test is positive then you are pregnant.

A pregnancy test can show a positive result if you have miscarried. There is still enough hormone in your body to produce a positive result.

A home pregnancy test will show up most probably negative in this case.

yes you are more than likely pregnant, go to the doctors and get a blood test done, it is more accurate than home pregnancy tests

Yes. It can take several weeks for the hCG to clear from the body. It depends what stage of pregnancy you were at.

False positives on home pregnancy tests are very rare. If you get a positive and believe that you are not pregnant, see your doctor and they can draw blood and do a beta hcg. This will show if you are pregnant for sure.

On the box it will tell you at how many days it will detect pregnancy. You were probably right at the line on the first day, and the second your body had produced enough of the hormones to show up positive on a titer test.

About a week after the egg has been fertilized

a home pregnancy test is not asaccurate as a doctors i would never trust home tests if you don't have the money or just want to keep it a secret the best thing to do is take 5 home test and if 4 of them say you are chances are you pregnant.

store bought pregnancy tests say they show results about 4-5 days before a missed period.

No. They can cause a girl to show positive in a pregnancy test, though.

Yes just like after any pregnancy regardless of how it ends you will have the pregnancy hormones a while longer until they settle and the test will show positive.

I have heard both yes and no for this however if you do research into it, its very possible for the test to come back positive because your mind tricks your body into believing its pregnant so the hormone levels will show signs of pregnancy

The morning after pill or emergency contraception will not effect the outcome of a pregnancy test. If you have taken emergency contraception and have had a positive home pregnancy test you are very likely pregnant and should see a Dr.

A pregnancy test can remain positive for 2 weeks after a miscarriage. Sometimes longer.

Yes unfortunately the test will still show positive as you will still have some pregnancy hormone levels in your body.

No it takes 14 days for a home pregnancy test to show positive. Your hcg levels need to be high enough.

I got a positive hpt when I was 4 days late with an etopic pregnancy. It depends on the sensitivity of the test and when you use the test.

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