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Check that the transfer case is engaging to do this jack all four tires up and lock it in 4x4 and look to see if the front is turing. and also make sure that the hubs work

I replaced the front driveline shift actuator and while I was under there I made sure the shift sleeve wasnt sticking....really easy $70 part and 30 mins sounds exactly like what I did...good luck

the 4x4 system on that Jeep uses a vacuum line that engages it, check if the vacuum is plugged in properly or check if there is a vacuum leak some where on the front axle

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 18:55:23
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Q: If on a 1986 Jeep Cherokee 4-dr 4-wheel drive 2.5 liter engine your 4 wheel drive is not working how do you resolve this problem?
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99 Grand Cherokee does it have cv joints in 4wheel driv steering?

Most of them do have cv joints at the front wheels.

How do you engage 4wheel drive on 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

All that you do if put the shifter in the four wheel drive position.

95 jeep grand Cherokee limited 4wheel dr locks in when it warms up and will not release until it cools down?

Viscuous coupling in the transfer case has gone bad.

Kicks into neutral after a little while in 4wheel drive button engage what would be problem?

It may have the original transfer case that was recalled

Could a defective 4wheel drive switch on your 2000 Nissan frontier cause your 4wheel drive not to work?


99civic has code P1758 what is the problem?

On a 1999 Civic, the code, P1758 usually means that there is a problem with the automatic transaxle. The transaxle is part of the drive train and 2wheel or 4wheel drive. This code can also mean a problem with the Clutch Solenoid.

Can you tow a 1994 geo tracker 5 speed?

If it has 4wheel drive, put it in neutral on the 4wheel drive shifter and put the regular shifter in 4th gear, if not I cant help you.AnswerIf it has 4wheel drive, put it in neutral on the 4wheel drive shifter and put the regular shifter in 4th gear, if not I cant help you.

Is 4wheel drive height recommeded when there is ice conditions?


2001 Honda rubicon wont come out of 4wheel drive?

The 2001 Rubicon is FULL time 4x4 from factory. Unless you installed a 2x4/4x4 select then it should always be in 4wheel drive.

How do you use 4wheel drive on a automatic KIA sport age?

It is best to be stopped. Pull the 4wd lever backwards into 4wd and the icon on the dash should light up. If this doesn't work there is a problem with this system.

My 4wheel drive doesnt work on my 2002 trailblazer i were told it was the 4 wheel drive actuater in the front end?

It could be the problem. The dealer can scan the code with a Tech II unit they have. The Trailblazer enthusiast forum!

Wont shift into 4wheel dr?

That problem almost immediately leads me to believe that you have transfer case issues. But first I would check the shifting linkage and make sure that you aren't just stuck due to normal wear.

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