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If on a 2000 Honda Civic one headlight high and low beam works fine only the high beam works on the other could it be the dimmer?


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2015-07-16 18:06:53
2015-07-16 18:06:53

You need to change the light bulb, the high and low beam on some vehicles are contained in a single bulb. or you could have a bad connection on just that one light


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it could be your dimmer switch is getting bad

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could be the the headlight switch, dimmer switch, headlight relay, or a problem with the wiring

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Maybe a burnt bulb or a blown fuse. In the owners manual it has the location of all the fuses and what they are for.

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1of two things either dimmer swith is bad or headlight switch is bad only 2things it could be Answer: No, both headlight bulbs can be bad.

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The blower in my 2001 Honda Civic did not stop working.

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