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Honey, If you don't want to get pregnant(or lessen the chancees greatly) USE A CONDOM, or better yet get the pill, shot, some form of Birth Control! That being said you have the same amount of chance than if you weren't wearing your tampon. The days surrounding you period tend to be lower percentage of getting pregnant than about two weeks before of after your period. But nothing is a sure thing. Also, studies show that the "pull-out" method is anywhere from 70-85% effective, depending on how good of a judge your partner is to know when to pull out. If he comes a litle inside you, your chances for the pull out method are pretty much null and void, all it takes in one little sperm. Also Precum can occur anytime during intercourse and though less potent than ejaculatory fluids it still can contain some sperm. I suggest waiting 12 days to 2 weeks from the time you had sex and taking a pregnancy test (thats when hormones from pregnancy start to become noticeable on an at home test)

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Q: If on your period and wearing a tampon what are the chances of getting pregnant if your partner pulls out?
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Can you get pregnant if he pre-ejaculate when he is wearing underpants and female partner is not wearing anything?


Can you get pregnant if you are wearing a thong and your partner is wearing two pairs of pants?

yes if he take them off

What are the chances of getting pregnant without having the man ejaculating.?

If its penetration and the man was not wearing a condom, or the woman wearing a diaphragm then the chances are very slim. Pre-cum still carries active sperm, but a very low amount. The chances are very very slim, but I can't say its impossible. Best bet to still have sex and be safe is to use protection. Condoms, diaphragms and spermicide.

Can i get pregnant while you have a tampon but had no penetration?

No, you cannot get pregnant in this scenario. If there is no penetration from your partner then there is no way for the semen to get into your vagina. Whether you're wearing a tampon or not makes no difference to whether or not you can get pregnant.

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Can you get pregnant if you were wearing underwear and was on your period?

Chances are, no, but anytime there is any contact with a guy's fluids, there is always a chance of pregnancy, even during your period. The chances are very rare, but can occur.

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No, but if it always better to be safe than sorry. If you're that worried about getting pregnant and do not know how babies are made you should not be fooling around at all.

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What are the chances of getting pregnant from 'pre-ejaculatory fluid while wearing a condom?

Well, the common statistic for pregnancy while using a condom (excluding breaks and tears) is about 2-4%. So probably a little less than that.

Can you get pregnant if both people wearing underwear stomach has been a bit sore for a week?

The chances are zero , as the sperm cant enter your vagina through clothes.

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