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It depends on whether you are allergic to feathers and/or the dust that comes off when they preen and shake.You should go to the doctor and get a test done. Until then be cautious about getting one.

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Q: If one is allergic to cats dogs and most other things that cause common allergies is it likely they would be allergic to common house birds?
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Can dogs be allergic to a kind of treat?

Yes, dogs can be allergic to things. Just like people can have allergies to certain foods, plants or other things, so can dogs. It's definitely possible that dogs can be allergic to a kind of treat.

What causes allergies?

Some examples of common antigens (things that cause allergic responses by your immune system) are: pollen, dust, molds of all types, some foods, and medicines.Allergies result from an incorrect response by the immune system, when it attacks things that are not actually pathogens/invaders of the body.Allergies are actually caused by our immune system. When we have an allergic reaction, it is because the substance confuses our immune system so that it over reacts to try to get rid of the foreign substance (pollen, pollutants, etc.) by creating excess fluids to wash away the antigen. Allergies sometimes cause other reactions that may even attack our tissues by mistake, instead of protecting us.There is no real set pattern to what humans will have allergies to, but we can only be allergic to things we have been exposed to, and the longer we are exposed to something, the more likely we are to develop an allergy to it.You can develop allergies that you didn't have before, but you can't catch them from someone else.

Things that cats are allergic to?

The most common thing a cat can be allergic to is Corn Meal. That allergie is also very common in dogs as well!

How do you make EOS blood go down?

Eosinophils are associated with allergies. Avoid the things you are allergic to and the count should go down.

Can a person be allergic to more than 200 things?

Highly unlikely, but yes. People can be born with more than 500 allergies.

How cure cats allergie?

Allergies are something that cannot be cured, but there are various methods to treat and ease allergic reactions to things depending on the cause and the degree of the allergic reaction. Talk to your doctor or your vet for options.

My cat seems to have allergies to garlic. Do cats really have allergies?

Garlic is actually toxic to cats, so which is most likely why your cat is having bad reactions to it. As for general allergies, they certainly can. I once had a cat with severe allergies. Cats can develop allergies to many things, although it is becoming increasingly common for a cat to develop allergies to corn and gluten often found in cheaper commercial food brands, and to household chemicals.

What is responsible for the symptoms of allergies?

well some people have sensitive bodies that react to different things. everyone is allergic to something it could be theyve just never been around that thig that makes the allergies pop in on them.

How do you know when your allergic to cats?

Usally when you are around cats if you are allergic to them, your eyes and nose may start running. Or the main thing is you will begin sneezing. The cats have dander on their skin and have saliva which those 2 things is what causes allergies.

Bumps on chest?

A rash? Hives perhaps? It could be thee cause of unknown allergies, after all you can get allergic to things just if you eat tehm too much.

What are some examples of canine allergies?

Canines can be allergic to a lot of different things including those humans are allergic to. Some examples include trees, dust, feathers, cigarette smoke, perfumes, cleaning products and plastic materials.

What things can people be allergic to?

a lot of things...i'd say the most common aare pollon, grass, dust, animals, those types of things, and food, and medication. no one can be allergic to water, or else, they'd die

Can you be allergic to tomatoes?

yes, you can be allergic to tomatoes .you can you can be allergic to some of the wildest things you can be allergic to any thing.

What are a list of things people are allergic to?

loads of stuff! Here are the things I thought of: penicillin, (medicine) nuts, dust, plants, cotton, dogs, cats, hamsters, leaves, grass, butter, gluten (grains, wheat, bread etc.) fruit, vegetables, etc.There is someone in the world allergic to just about anything you can name , including sunlight , dust , most foods , and some people even need to drink distilled water, as they have allergies to even minor contaminants.Some people even have allergies to their sexual partners body fluids. They is no way we could provide you with any comprehensive list, but food and drug allergies, dust , animal dander, and insect venom seem to be most common .

Can KY jelly cause female desensitization?

Yes if you are sensitive to the chemicals in it. There are a few different types of lubricants though. Some are made from silicone others are glycerin. Some people have odd allergies to unusual ingredients in common things. I am allergic to the phosphoric acid in sodas. would anyone ever think someone would be allergic to soda. I would have never thought it till it happened to me.

What are cats allergic to?

Cats can become allergic to a number of things, just like humans. Some cats are allergic to flea and tick bites, medication (just like some humans have an allergy to penicillin-based medication), and some cats can even develop food allergies if fed a low quality food that has a high number of grains and cereals in.

Can you have an allergic reaction to tea?

Yes, you can get an allergic reaction to most things.

How do you deal with a boyfriend with allergies?

You first make sure you know what he has. If it's really bad, like allergic to grass, ask him to get on medication for it. Or, you could be a good girlfriend and accept him for who he is. Make sure he doesn't get close to the things he's allergic to and take care of him like a son. That's what I would do if I was feminine.

Can you be allergic to bed bugs?

You can be allergic to anything. Even to non living things.

What is one thing that everyone is allergic to?

everyone is allergic to something. many things

What are the most common causes of food-borne illness?

several things; Processing, ingrediants, allergic reactions, and much more.

What causes hives on dogs?

dogs get allergic to things just like humans they can easily get an allergic reaction to anything they are allergic to.

Are you alergic to your hamster?

No, I am not allergic to my hamster. That is because I am not allergic to many things. But some people are allergic to some types of animals.

What makes people allergic to cats?

All allergies are caused by the over reaction of the immune system to a stimulant. In the case of cats this can be such things as Hair Skin flakes Mites or paracite feces or bodies cat feces or urine

Can cats be allergic to things?

Yes, they can.